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When is a Blog Roll NOT a Blog Roll? When it also highlights forums, fanfiction, events, tributes, merchandise, and every other kind of internet experience to connect you with a particular topic. So! Go ahead, dig in and enjoy!

chs_iconThe Collinsport Historical Society
2013 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award Winner for Best Blog

foundationThe Collins Foundation
All the Dark Shadows you can handle in 45 days…and other endevours

dsnewspageDark Shadows News Page
All the latest Dark Shadows news, courtesy of “our cousin from England”

dsnewspageDark Shadows Journal Online
More Dark Shadows content courtesy of “our cousin from England”

dark shadows every day avatarDark Shadows Every Day
The 1960s vampire soap opera, one episode a day, with wit and insight

shadowDark Shadowed
“Dark Shadows watchin’ & rantin’ marathon”

blogofdarkshadowsBlog of Dark Shadows
Clips and commentary

willieloomisWillie Loomis Saves Collinsport
Extensive Dark Shadows content, with a focus on Willie Loomis

josJosette’s Music Box
Reflections on the show, and on the Marilyn Ross novels

ShowcaseLogoShadowDark Shadows Showcase
“Creative treasures for all devoted Dark Shadows fans”

pittsShadows of the Night
A Pittsburgh Dark Shadows Web Fanzine

shadowsonthewallShadows on the Wall
An online fanzine featuring Dark Shadows Trading Cards

kazKaz’s World of Dark Shadows
A great deal of photos, arranged by Dark Shadows time periods


shadowswallShadows on the Wall
RPG set in the Gothic universe of Dan Curtis’ Dark Shadows

willieloomisWillie Loomis Saves Collinsport
If you like Willie Loomis, you’ll love this forum!

blackDark Shadows Forums
Well established Dark Shadows forum


dswikiDark Shadows Wikia
Wiki…need we say more?

dsfaqDark Shadows FAQ
Glean much Dark Shadows information, all while listening to Quentin’s Theme!

mooneyhanNicholas Mooneyhan Dark Shadows Episode Guide
Our favorite episode guide, extremely detailed!


klscottKathryn Leigh Scott

selbyDavid Selby

laraparkerLara Parker

lacyJerry Lacy

wallaceMarie Wallace

sharonsmythSharon Smyth Lentz

henesyDavid Henesy


jpatrickDennis Patrick Fan Site
Dedicated to the memory of our favorite Irish rogue

joanbJoan Bennett Resources
Everythng you always wanted to know about this classy lady

graysonNantucket ’73
A blog by Matt Hall, Grayson Hall’s son


festThe Dark Shadows Festival
Festivals, and Official Dark Shadows Fan Club

floridaCentral Florida Dark Shadows Fan Club
Sunny Florida: least likely place for vampires…but there you have it!


coffinMPI Video and Collectibles
This is where you get the good stuff!

PomPressLogoLrg2Pomegranate Press
Kathryn Leigh Scott’s publishing house, for Dark Shadows books and more

bigfinDark Shadows Audio Dramas by Big Finish
Audiobooks and music

bookCoverBarnabas and Company
Book by the same name

dynaDynamite comics
Dark Shadows comic books


quillDark Shadows Fan Fiction
Because Dan Curtis is not the only creative one among us!

quillThe Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows
Amusing radio drama featuring DS characters & other beloved 60’s TV icons

Too many to mention individually! Check these out and see what works for you.


youtubeOur You Tube Accounts
All the videos you see here on our website…and more!

victoria-winters-pensive-and-clutching-postChrissy’s Dark Shadows Live Journal
Haven’t been keeping up with this, but perhaps someday…

mcpbannrThe Marvel Chronology Project
Comic book nerds look at Russ’ site and think, “Man! Those guys are NERDS!”

heroicbannerAdventures in the Marvelous Zone
Chrissy undertakes a Modern Girl’s View of the Marvel Universe

TESSAVATARWelcome to Whimsieville
Chrissy reconnects with some childhood friends


steammSteam Ingenious
In her spare time, Chrissy daydreams in steam…steampunk, that is!

woolyalWoolly Al
Wild Wild West of Crimson Tide forums (and, yes, we know it’s misspelled)

Joss the way we like it

catJackson Galaxy
Because real men love cats

We strive to make this listing as inclusive as possible. If you have suggestions for sites that are dedicated to the Dark Shadows television series, and are relatively current on content, please let us know by emailing Chrissy.

4 Responses to Blog Roll

  1. Daryl Wor says:

    I had no idea that you posted me until I google’d myself. Thanks. ^_^

    • chrissy says:

      Glad to do it. Your Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is a perfect example of how much fun fans can have with the show!

      • Daryl Wor says:

        Ah, well, if the fans want it to go faster and fuller all I need is a few swingin’ reviewers per episode. (The silence is what’s been harming the project.) I have Episodes 10-15 written and plans all the way up into Episode 17. I’m willing to do gobs more. Not only that, but it’s getting more dramatic and not as funny.

        I think the farcical maneuvering at first came from a necessary approach to kick start the story and cross-tie explanations. But now I’m seeing it phase into horror/drama/romance with comic relief. [15 will have a replay of an unfortunate death. 🙁 ]

        What I want to do is condense & fix the problems along the story-line up through the 1897 period, etc, wipe out the Leviathans and bring it back into the 1960’s to finalize the healing, then watch the after effects of that healing.

        Or as Fred Sanford is famous for saying, “I’m comin’, Elizabeth! This is the BIG ONE!” 😉

  2. Daryl Wor says:

    Man! Just wanted to check in and see what was up.

    You really improved the details and beauty of your page here. Good job!

    Oh, lol! On Facebook: Too many to mention individually! That’s is so true!

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