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  1. Rick Roberts says:

    Trying this again. I was there from episode 1 of Dark Shadows….I’m 58. Loved the show even before Barnabas appearance in 67..but he made the show as far as I’m concerned..what a great actor and charector. I have all the paperbacks I bought when they first came out…even still have the 66 Josettes music box I bought back then..still works…when my local station changed the time to 1/2 hr earlier I had to not ride the school bus anymore but jog home to get there in time to see the last 15 mins of each ep..and in summer I missed none. Went thru the vhs phase and now have all the dvds. You can get a lot of info from Kathryn Leigh Scotts DS Memories books or audiobooks and a wealth of info from the extas on the dvds….info for your show youre can call me sometime if you need someones memories about the show…if you wish..just email me to set up a good time.

    Did you guys happen to download the webseries before it got pulled by the new Dan Curtis Productions? If so is there anyway I can trade you something for a copy?

    Rick Roberts

  2. Rick Roberts says:

    Listening to your ep 2 now and yes..of couse everyone knew they were talking about a vampire ..sort of had to laugh about your comments that you were wondering if people knew or did not know they were talking about a vampire ..we wern’t idiots!..;-)…..what made it so good was that we..the audience knew but we were looking into a world where the charectors did not know of vampires….Collinsport was in it’s own tvs for the most part or radio..few cars….and the folks who lived there were in a different world and we were just looking in..

  3. Rick Roberts says:

    Some of the best eps were the ones in the Blue Whate where they just talked and nothing else in the ep…it let you into the charectors world and life in a better fashion than could be done in a episode that had more action….loved the slow eps..good writing.

    And youre right on Karlen..the first Willie was awful.

  4. Rick Roberts says:

    When you were watching live the repetition you were talking about didn’t bother you as it had been 24 hrs or maybe 3 days since you had last seen an ep…even if you never missed an ep..watching on dvd and the end of one show is seconds away from the start of the next it may seem a little boring to see an short part over again.

  5. Rick Roberts says:

    You guys were making fun sort of on Barnabas asking to live in the old house to Liz….actually what we all thought when it first aired was she was asking it because of the wreck the old house was in..she couldn’t believe anyone would want to move into it.

    Also youre missing a lot if you don’t have the Big Finish audios..many of the DS actors are in them…well written and close to being as good as otr. Running an otr group I’m pretty hard to please on new audio.

  6. Rick Roberts says:

    From my views of people I knew who watched it in the wasn’t a 90% female audience then..about 40% and 60% male..don’t know about now.

  7. Rick Roberts says:


    Listening to Ep 3 now…I thought then and still do that Willie was trying to warn Liz of Barnabas instead of Jason. Willie at times tried to warn others later on of Barnabas and think this was just the first time…Willie got a little braver when Barnabas was right by him. Willie wasn’t as concerned with Jason since Barnabas was the real baddie. He was still fighting the control Barnabas had on him.

    On Maggies different dress after work…obviously she changed before leaving. Unless they filmed her going out the door with her uniform on..don’t remember right now.


  8. Rick Roberts says:

    I’m with Chrissy..leave the paranormal stuff on tv..I have no interest in it in real life…mainly because it is bunk. About as real as vampires..;-)


  9. Rick Roberts says:

    On the festival..which I havn’t been too but have received the newsletters every year since it began and believe they have always been in New Jersey and New Youk and no where else…at least in that area….if there was one on the west coast I don’t remember it but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I did have some tapes of the festival many years ago but no longer have them…..


  10. Rick Roberts says:

    I didn’t mean to make it sound like I thought you guys were calling us idiots in my email last week. Emails often don’t carry messages well when you have someone like me that can’t write a sentence to explain himself well…;-) If you had been talking in person to me I think it would have come across as I meant it.

    As far as adults knowing they were talking about vampires..I think most would have known. I remember my 10th grade History teacher loved the show…and it was meantioned in class almost every day. She knew all about vampire myth also. You have to remember….vampires in films had been around since the silents…Nosferatu and later Bela Lugosi in Dracula. And many adults had read Bram Stokers Dracula as kids…well older kids anyway.

    Thankyou guys for doing this was much needed….I’m really surprised someone hasn’t done it before. Keep it up and good luck. I’ll be listening.

    Ok ..on the 40/60..I’m just going by people in my classes and friends I knew at the time….not a notional poll…;-) was about 60% male and 40% female…if anything I’d shift it even more to male…


  11. Rick Roberts says:

    One other thing I thought of….later on in the series..much later from where you guys are now….in the dvd sets..some know it all at MPI cut a scene out that had a great flub in actress forgot her lines totally..someone could be heard off camera telling her the lines then she repeated them. Dan Curtis was furious when he found out as he wanted it as is not doctored…hopefully someday they will restore it on a new version…don’t know if any others were cut out or not…I do remember seeing it as it happened and it was a great one..havn’t seen it since..I assume it was cut on the vhs version as well but don’t know for sure.

    On another note..had you rather I use the comment section or the contact us when writing you.

    And another question..where are you? And where are you from? I’m from and have always lived in Alabama..home of the tornados! You may have heard about the 67 tornados we had in one day on April 27th….Cordova is my mailing address but live in the country…not in the little town of cordova…the town center was hit by an F3 arounf 4 in the morning and an F4 around 4pm of the same day…9 were killed there…I could see both tornados from the door of my storm shelter.

    Anyway….hope your show has a long life…I just emailed a couple of people about your site so many they will give it a listen.



    • russ says:

      Hi, Rick.

      Russ here. Thanks for the comments.

      >>> Ok ..on the 40/60..I’m just going by people in my classes and friends I knew at the time….not a notional poll…;-) was about 60% male and 40% female…if anything I’d shift it even more to male…

      Thanks for that clarification. Last week, you used a phrase something like “the audience wasn’t mostly women…we were probably 60% male,” and Chrissy & I weren’t really sure where that was coming from, when you used the word “we.”

      I would agree with you that, in our demographic (meaning yours & Chrissy’s & mine), 9-15, the audience probably was 60 or 70 percent male. In my classes and among my friends, though–and I’m speaking here through the life of the series, so it followed me through that entire demographic, age 9-14–the guys were interested, solely because of the monsters.

      So I guess my experience, with my circle of friends, may have been different from yours. And that’s why we were asking what was it like for everyone else.

      As that audience demographic edged older though, it would have by necessity shifted more toward the female side, don’t you think? The great bulk of adults at home in the mid-afternoon would be women, true? Yes, some of them (although I have doubts the number would have been significant) would have read Dracula, but would they have been conditioned to recognize the “vampire” clues laid out in Barnabas’ first week?

      Yes, a twelve-year-old boy in 1967 could have seen:
      1. Man emerges from coffin?
      2. Over 100 years old, hasn’t aged a day?
      3. Dogs howling?
      4. Calf with no blood?
      5. Comes & goes silently?
      That twelve-year-old boy would not hesitate to say, “Well, obviously, that’s a vampire.” Any 12-year-old in 1967 would know that.

      But would a 35-year-old housewife, in 1967? I’m not yet convinced that a great number of them would.

      >>> On another note..had you rather I use the comment section or the contact us when writing you.

      Actually, we’re glad you asked that. Yes, we would prefer if you left your comments as a “Reply” to the episode post on the main blog page.

      The Contact Us page is mainly to let everyone know how to reach us by email, rather than posting public comments. Posting your comments as replies on the main page will allow us to organize things a lot easier, and allow you to more easily share your thoughts & insights with other visitors. If we keep doing it the way we’ve been doing it, the Contact Us page will eventually become a long page of comments, and that’s not really what it’s intended for.

      >>> And another question..where are you? And where are you from? I’m from and have always lived in Alabama..home of the tornados! You may have heard about the 67 tornados we had in one day on April 27th….Cordova is my mailing address but live in the country…not in the little town of cordova…the town center was hit by an F3 arounf 4 in the morning and an F4 around 4pm of the same day…9 were killed there…I could see both tornados from the door of my storm shelter.

      Yes, we heard about the tornados. I know it must have been very frightening for you. Our hearts & prayers go out to your town. I know “the little town of Cordova.” I’ve been to some baseball games on Commerce Street. How is the recovery going? Did the Piggly Wiggly make it through okay?

      We’re from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As I’m sure you’re aware, our town was struck a blow that day, too. As time goes on (and football season draws nigh!) you might hear more from us about Tuscaloosa. 😉

      Thanks again for the comments, and thanks for spreading the word.

      • Rick Roberts says:

        Will do on posting to comments…I know if it was my place I’d rather have it that way also.

        Wow…youre neighbors..have an aunt and uncle who live there and bunches of cousins. Nope to Piggly Wiggly…gone compeletely…thing is I never go to Cordova as I’, half way between there and Jasper …which is what I claim as my hometown anyway..having went to Walker High and just love Jasper anyway…….not much of the old downtown did survive.

        On the percentages..who knows..I’m just going by what I remember. I suspect the bloodsucking did draw females in..everyone knows women love to have blood sucked out of them..;-) Forget I said that!!

        Email me sometime if you wish. I love hearing from people anyway. I hope you gus do well on this. I suspected you were from Alabama but wasn’t sure about your wife….that was why I asked. You sounded to normal…;-)


  12. Rick Roberts says:

    And forgive the typos…I should check but never do on posts..I’m well known for making posts on my group that they have to get a Klingon to decipher.


  13. Mike Richardson says:

    Hey, you guys keep up the good work! I download all your podcasts and listen while on the plane from Bhm to Raleigh for work. I am on series number 15 of the DVD set and cannot wait to see the rest. Roll Tide!

    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! Glad to have you aboard…especially glad to say “Roll Tide!” right back at ya!

  14. Stewart Petrovich says:

    I wanted to let you know how much i love your dark shadows podcast and how i hope you get to cover the entire series as you’ve done a great job so far. Your commentary serves as a excellent guide to the show for newcomers and avid watchers alike. Keep up the good work and i look forward to more podcasts in the near future.

    • russ says:

      Thanks, Stewart.

      You’ve pegged one of our goals. By structuring the podcast as if we’re watching the show for the first time, we’re hoping to breath new life and excitement into a 45-year-old series, and hold the hands of new viewers who may find their way to the series, via the movie.

      Welcome aboard!

  15. Sharon Baker says:

    HI well just watching Dark Shadows on NETFLIX here and wow been going on and on now I’m now at the start of the 1795 story line of BARNABAS do you know how MUCH they have ?? then have to mention the POWER Of LITTLE SISTERS every time he tries to attack or KILL someone SHE interferes not appearing but making her presence known and he backs off also of note is that everyone else it seems DOES call her a I can see the confusion she dresses strangely etc and appears and vanishes instantly but she does have FORM is NOT ethereal except for DAVID when she disappears she fades out..anyhow when she finally appears to Barnabas he is elated but she is VERY VERY ANGRY and keeps saying to and that HE IS EVIL and BAD also saying she WILL NEVER appear to him again until he has PAID for what all he’s then I swear BARNABAS CRIED..really cried..that was interesting and amazing..i think..the POWER OF LITTLE SISTERS..I know my own son responds to his little sister though they are both grown now..he worries about HER reaction what will she say or do?? and she crooks her finger summons him and he up and runs over to her its cute and sweet and she is also a little sister.

  16. Matthew says:

    Hey there. Where can get the podcasts 1-6. Itunes only has 7 and beyond. I know I listened to the first six when they come out, but some of my music was erased from my hard drive crashing…. is there any link or could you send me them as a podcast so I can put them in my iTunes?

    Thanks Matt.

    • chrissy says:

      Hi, Matt! We are totally PSYCHED that someone is actually seeking out our podcasts!! We will warn you, though, our production values have gone up a lot since our earliest podcasts, so these may not sound as good as our later ones (and by the same token, we are hoping our future podcasts will sound better than the ones we’re doing now). But if you would like to access them, probably the easiest way would be here at our website, visit the “Archives” on the right side of the page, look at July, August and September 2011. If that doesn’t work for you for any reason let us know, and we would be more than happy to get the links to you! Thanks for showing such interest! Hope you are enjoying the show, and if you can think of anything we might do to make it better, please let us know!


  17. Sharon Baker says:

    I really enjoy and look forward to your podcast informative and thing i got on YOU TUBE and FOUND a really awesome music video set to the music of “THE SEARCH IS OVER” its not really a ds music but FITS PERFECT and wow made me CRY mostly it does show JULIA HOFFMAN she really did LOVE Barnabas in spite of everything even if you take away the weirdness if you will SHE loved Barnabas also of note that on the FIRST AUDIO book RETURN TO COLLINWOOD it IS reported that Barnabas and Julia GOT MARRIED eventually..interesting

  18. Sharon Baker says:

    go to YOU TUBE Type in DARK SHADOWS MUSIC and there is a music video using the song THE SEARCH IS OVER its so well done i think has scenes from the soap opera but mostly the dark shadows movie the FIRST one with original characters..its awesome I think and kinda sad..made me cry silly but it did its really touching and does show really even if you forget the vampire and all that stuff lets you know JULIA did really did LOVE Barnabas..she was always there matter what she was always there..had to share that hope you find it and let me know what you think ..I think its really touching..AS for the kid at the time DAVID well from what i get he retired from SHOW BUSINESS got married has kids and runs some restaurant never see him on any of the many many dark shadows festivals they have and have had..I guess he got away from all that and who knows? for the better maybe?? AS to the bat well that is funny really for one thing my son who is autistic and very imaginative does a GREAT imitation of when Barnabas is cursed by Angelique and gets bitten its really great he does it so well. but yea some original you do see the string the bat hangs on and if you look the bat gets credit at the end whoever does that there name is there on the credits..!! it just says BAT by whoever it is i forget..but there is a credit..funny huh?? and i love the scene where Barnabas is with WILLIE looking for David who is trapped in the ‘secret room; they are in front of the masoluem and barnabas clutches his chest saying he has a SENSATION which really looks more like he has HEARTBURN from whatever he ate.!!!

  19. Sharon Baker says:

    you tube also has the FATE OF THE DARK SHADOWS CHARACTERS ..its interesting to say the least but it does say there that Barnabas and Julia did get interesting..

    • chrissy says:

      Hi, Sharon! That sounds like it would be interesting to see/listen to. However, we’re going to have to wait till we get to the end of the show to take a look. We’re trying to stay “unspoiled,” trying to approach Dark Shadows as if we are seeing it for the first time, as much as possible. That You Tube would probably provide way too much information! However, I’m intrigued by this idea of Barnabas and Julia getting married. As you say…how interesting…


      • Sharon Baker says:

        its on the “fate of the characters” AND the first audio story that Barnabas and Julia FINALLY get married.anyhow I see what you mean…about doing this like its all the first time of watching DS yes I sure admit though that it only goes so far on NETFLIX to just when they enter the PAST 1795 can you imagine getting that far and it just ENDS?? they DO have it at the local public library here where i live but..its sure become popular..they always had it but now i get there and NONE there you can ORDER but the LIST IS LONG..can’t really afford to BUY them whatever i guess.just do with things as is..

  20. Sharon Baker says:

    just meant to say that is a MUSIC video just the song and pics from DS its so good though

  21. Sharon Baker says:

    FACE BOOK has a JONATHAN FRID FAN page its pretty neat and FUNNY they posted a dialog Jonathan did on a phone call from his mother…its very funnyy..!!!!!!!!!!!! just thought it be good to know .

  22. Sharon Baker says:

    that fan club page on Face Book has PICS of Johnathan Frid as BARNABAS but its the COMMENTS of the persons there really make it so FUNNY like a pic of Barnabas on the phone saying once Barnabas discovered and used the phone you couldn’t keep him OFF there he is calling the blood bank for TAKE OUT..another phone pic says” JOSETTE I TOLD You not to call me here”..all this written as Comments all the comments really make it funny its somewhat like YOU do here..some pics with clever funny comments..anyhow its fun to go to and read all to the program as of NOW I don’t know what all kids or ANY kids did about MAKE BELIEVE friends..if all did or ANY did I didn’t know anything about the” OUTSIDE” for the library here its LORAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY they DO have DS There but i tell ya since the JOHNNY DEPP movie and more about the ORIGINAL it seems to the wayyy increased INTEREST but they are ALSO part of a CLEVENET library network..that connects GOD KNOWS how MANY libraries any library that is part of it so since the whole thing is INTERNET movies, music etc etc can be ordered..just put card no.. and pin no and you can order…and pick up your stuff LOCALLY ..that’s cool i think..and wow you read my comments COULD NOT believe it..THANK YOU didn’t know anything i said etc would ever matter..THANK YOU so very much..!!!

  23. Sharon Baker says:

    Just thinking of that psychiatrist who talked to David well that sure made an easy out for everyone who does not believe David anyhow and I imagine if BARNABAS had heard that he’d of cheered saying RIGHT ON DOC !! interesting anyhow.. and as to Barnabas letting his basement be searched etc well WHAT WOULD YOU THINK?? I mean if someone just came cuz they want to see your basement cuz of some well FAR OUT things some kid said..what would you say?? Barnabas will I know get very angry he held back this time but VERY SOON he’ll really say I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!!! or words to that effect..and it fits with that scene..really..

  24. Sharon Baker says:

    HI just saw on the JONATHAN FRID FAN GROUP on FACE BOOK and OBIT of him was posted..he does still have some family..and had brothers was interesting but SAD to know he’s gone now but most definitely NOT forgotten..thought you might be interested..

  25. Sharon Baker says: HOPE This helps with your time machine ..lots there..

    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for that link, Sharon! We actually know that site already. I think we have made ourselves familiar with most of the sites online that deal with the 1960’s! But what we really want to know is what would YOU like to hear in the Time Machine? We’re asking our listeners for personal requests. If you’ve got a specific sound byte that really jumps out and speaks to you, please let us know! Thanks!


  26. Sharon Baker says:

    just wanted to comment on DAVID HENNESSY for a kid he was GREAT really ..of course I have watched more or DS than we’re at here and with ALL THE CHARACTERS he played wow he’s great..but from what I can get checking on line here he never went any further than DS once it was OVER that was that seems he put it all behind and eventually got married and is running some restaurant has kids too…so who knows?? guess he does okay though ..I have never heard of him even going to those reunions either…interesting..i think..

  27. Sharon Baker says:

    hi well i know i watched these episodes and one thing not mentioned is the unique and sad version of Sarah’s theme as its called LONDON bridge when Sarah is angry even though you don’t see her a very ANGRY version is played when she is happy they play a faster JOYFUL version but in these scenes when David has this feeling of impending doom f0r Burke a very sad version plays even Carolyn hears the music it upsets her..she seems to “hear’ the message in it interesting i think..One other thing is the people who created the Face Book JONATHAN FRID FANS still miss him very sad..and it is very sad..he was ONE of a kind ..DS is one of a kind..I listened again to the FATE of the characters which starts with Jonathan Frid reading Shakespeare OUR REVELS now are ended a very fitting epitaph for DS its written by SAM HALL .which i think is interesting..its all days gone most of the soaps on ABC are now GONE ..only one remains I saw DS from the start..and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from the start and I think saw MOST of AMC but they have all ended now other daytime stuff its all kind of an end of a whole era now..but again not really an end for the actor who played Burke only even then he didn’t last long..ALL the actors on DS were awesome !! and there is a pic of Jonathan Frid < Kathryn Scott and Lara Parker meeting Johnny Depp that was not long before FRID died. sad posting here but memories..too..

  28. Sharon Baker says: there’re the posting on what happened..or would have its written by Sam Hall..I appreciate you want to do all this as it comes as if you were watching all the for the first time..and I DO appreciate that but it is interesting to find these things..I got this from the Johnathan Frid Fan page on FACE BOOK its really amazing..i think lots KNEW him really KNEW him and visited his home..its so interesting to read their reminiscence of him and all I sure never KNEW him or even SAW him anywhere..but BARNABAS will live on no matter ..

  29. Sharon Baker says:

    I know i say things maybe I shouldn’t but this is really neat somebody on the FAN page on FACE BOOK posted some YOUNG like BABY pics of Jonathan that is really interesting..I think anyhow..

  30. longtime viewer says:

    The most logical answer I can come up with is remove the audios, but add links to YOUTUBE and place them all there. (I think some of them are already there.)

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