Bennington Gothique - in the vein of Dark Shadows

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Bennington Gothique - in the vein of Dark Shadows

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Angela Wentworth has enrolled into Bennington House in search of her mother’s identity. One person who may have the answers is Agatha Bennington, Headmistress and Owner of Bennington House. Beneath Agatha’s hard and prim exterior exists a woman who cannot control her base needs. The resident mean girls, Bladen, Victoria, Kyle and Tiffany, induct her into a school tradition that will change her life forever.

Harking back to the days of young romance, scandalous secrets and a strong supernatural presence comes the web series Bennington Gothique. Created by Grammy® Award Best Long Form Music Video Nominee and Los Angeles based Filmmaker Gregory E. Connor, Bennington Gothique centers on the drama and supernatural happenings at Bennington House, a private boarding school for girls. Neighboring the school is Whitney Prep, a school for boys, which has nearly been destroyed by a mysterious fire, and the Craven Estate, home to a trio of the undead.

“I’m a huge fan of the old gothic horror series, Dark Shadows. I’ve also been influenced by daytime dramas like Edge of Night and As the World Turns, as well as the Hammer horror films of the 70’s like Taste the Blood of Dracula,” says Connor. “I wanted to add my own voice to the genre, and a boarding school of girls lends itself to so many dramatic possibilities.”

“I’ve been fortunate to have assembled a very talented and dedicated group of actors and crew. Bennington Gothique isn’t just about the supernatural. It’s a romantic gothic tale with a modern sensibility, as I reference present-day teen-angst dramas. It’s about young love. The teens of Bennington house and Whitney Prep create their own set of drama as manipulation and submission is the game, adding supernatural elements intensifies and raises the stakes to these young people’s lives. Aside from the undead, there is a witch and a ghost. In future episodes, I intend to introduce a werewolf, zombies and a ‘Frankenstein-type’ creature. In essence, a whole smorgasbord of horror will descend upon Bennington House, Whitney Prep as well as the neighboring town, Port Whitney.

Bennington Gothique debuted in December 2013 and has been embraced by the web series festival circuit. This Fall it is being screened at DC Web Fest and the Miami Web Fest. In March 2014, It was screened at the Hollyweb Festival and at the Los Angeles Web Festival where it was awarded Best Cinematography by a Soap Opera. Further it was nominated by the Indie Series Awards for Best Original Score. “I’m very excited that we have had this type of recognition so soon in our run. It is definitely encouraging that the web series industry likes what we’re doing.” says Connor.

“We’re gearing up to complete the first season. The first half of the season had a suspenseful, slow burn, next half, the action really ramps up – new characters and we finally meet the undead. We are exploring crowdfunding options and are planning a fundraising event in October. Being an independent production, we have to be creative in order to make our production budget. With the reception we’ve had, we will accomplish our goal, because Bennington Gothique’s upcoming episodes are ”

Check out its website at http://www.Benningtongothique.comand subscribe for updates and exclusive info.

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