These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired March 25 – 29, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Time is running out
  • Once upon a time, there were three little foreshadows…
  • The crossbow, the bare hands, and an unlikely promise
  • History, the Way You Like It
  • 1796 Scorecard: who’s dead, who’s crazy, who’s incarcerated?
  • The hinges of character development
  • Apart from being a vampire, how did he change?
  • First, learn your ABC’s…then I’ll kill you!
  • Barnabas, the engine of destruction
  • Obsessive love + supernatural power + being a sociopath = the delightful disaster!
  • The Time Travel solution to grief
  • Shattered glasses, collapsed lives, and the broken back of the camel
  • But he’s a GOOD dastardly villain!
  • The silver cross, the chains, and the unlikely peace


  • History for a song
  • Cookie Monster pays us a visit

couple1Too little, too late

aahands“I’ll kill ya with my bare hands!”

cell3“I’ll find you.”

poison1Tough times for strong women

fearNot so suave anymore, eh?

barn1The bleary-eyed vampire

vickiMistress of Death?

gallows8The end of the beginning…

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7 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #50: DS EPISODES 456 – 460

  1. nick caputo says:

    Chrissy and Russ,

    Congratulations on your 50th podcast. Quite an accomplishment! Only 6-12 years left to go! My suggestion to speed things up: when you get to certain periods of DS that are less interesting and move much slower you can do a monthly review. Unfortunately some plots moved verrrryyyy slowly in the years ahead, and I’m sure you could point out the interesting parts and make it entertaining.

    a few points about the 1795 ending. Barnabas’ change in character could be related to his becoming a vampire; some aspect of the curse made him revel in being bloodthirsty, and that may be an aspect he has no control over. I totally agree that Barnabas started all the havoc by being unfaithful and dishonest; however I suspect that Angelique has some serious personality issues, and even if he had been honest with her she would not have accepted it. She was obsessed over Barnabas, and as you guys noted, that in combination with her skill at witchcraft is not a good combo. Trask could have been more rounded as a character, but I see him as someone who has deluded himself into believing he is the real thing, plus, we needed a villain of DS that everyone could hate, and Trask was tailor made.

    The 1795 sequence was very good in many ways and will be hard to top, but I’ll be interested in what your thoughts are on the next two (count ’em, 2) weeks, both pro and con.

    • russ says:

      Thanks for the congratulations! We had told ourselves when we started that if we could reach 50 episodes, we could show that we weren’t a flash-in-the-pan, that we were seriously devoted to the project.

      Chrissy has also mentioned the possibility of covering a month at one time. I just don’t know how we would recognize the proper time to do that, though. I mean, say we watch two weeks, and nothing much happens, so we say “Let’s do a month’s worth,” and then the last two weeks of the month are chock full of stuff to talk about.

      I’m almost at the point where I’d look forward to a slow two weeks, and that would let us do an episode of the Drawing Room at a leisurely pace, for once. After all, we didn’t go to a two-week coverage because we ran out of things to talk about…we did it to finish the series before we retire. As a result, the episode we’re editing now is leaving a lot of discussion on the cutting-room floor. Oh, well, that should make for a better podcast, since only the strong survive.

      And yes, I’m finding a lot in this new storyline to like…

  2. Mark says:

    Although this is a cliche in Dark Shadows fan circles, I find the Dream Curse episodes (461-536) to be slow. These might be a time period of the show where you can do more than two weeks at a time safely.

    • chrissy says:

      Hi, Mark! That’s interesting that you mention the Dream Curse episodes as being slow. I sort of remember them from watching in the 90’s, and I feel we are getting very close to this storyline, and have suggested to Russ that this might be one we could breeze through quickly.

      Also, I recently saw that Danny Horn on his wonderful Dark Shadows Every Day blog (
      mentioned rather disparagingly that the Dream Curse storyline is coming, and he doesn’t seem too thrilled about covering it either! I think Russ and I may have to consider this as a place where we can gain some ground.

      I also think the Leviathan storyline is one we might want to whisk our way through rapidly. But that one is a LONG ways off!

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Mariam says:

    This was a great wrap-up to the 1795 storyline, and, as a bonus, you certainly had me laughing as you went through the math on how much was left to do!

    This period is far and away my best memory of DS, so I’m happy to have the “souvenir video” as a takeaway. I will revisit it! (I hope you will be more forgiving of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp for including a Dark Shadows montage set to 1970’s pop music in their movie, a feature that I also liked.)

    The image of Joshua standing before Barnabas’s open coffin, trying to bring himself to kill (as in, really kill) his son, has stayed with me all the way from 1968. As a result, I tended to look back on Joshua as one of the most sympathetic of characters.

  4. nick caputo says:

    I haven’t seen the dream curse episodes for some time, but I seem to recall some of them being a bit slow, as is the Adam storyline in places. The Leviathans: um, maybe you can get through that in ONE podcast!

  5. Mark Gillman says:

    Really enjoying these! I started watching the series from episode 1 this year and I’m getting into the 1795 era now. One thing if like to point out if that’s okay. There was one important character that I thought made more important impact than was given a fair spotlight in this episode: little Sarah. To me, especially when you all were talking about the character progression of Barnabas, I felt that she was ALWAYS the catalyst behind his behavior. Even before he was a vampire, he turned hostile and evil and out of desperation if Sarah was affected. Remember that’s why Angelique chose to torture her because of that bond between Barnabas and Sarah, and she knew he would do anything in a spilt second if it involved Sarah. He even killed Angelique before he was a vampire because he saw that she was keeping Sarah near death. To me, the biggest reason for his “vengeance and drive for killing” was because he lost Sarah. He lost his last connection to innocence and morality, and when she wasn’t there, he truly became a monster. I definitely believe that everything played a role in Barnabas’ change of character and the vampire curse as well, but I truly believe that Sarah was really the main reason why he turned completely evil. Just my long-winded 2 cents. Love you guys! Please keep it up! So much fun!

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