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These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired March 18 – 22, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Is Vicki changing history, or preserving it?
  • If someone is crazy, does that mean you can’t believe ANYTHING they say?
  • When Joshua Collins speaks….
  • Hats, doors, names and voices from beyond
  • Fashion Faux Pas… or pregnant?
  • Unemployed jailer, seeks position as escape artist…
  • Time Travel is confusing
  • Crazy woman with a gun
  • Is it better to be shot…or in jail?
  • Daniel, the poor victim of being a kid
  • Forbes: good guy gone bad, or bad guy fully flourishing?
  • Honey vs. Vinegar
  • Chrissy thumps the table, and Russ forgets everybody’s name
  • Incompetent criminals move the plot along
  • Once upon a time, there were three storylines…
  • Vicki bleeds paint (or wax) from a traveling wound
  • Who’s that cackling from my wall?


  • “I detest you! Let’s be partners…”
  • Our new feature: Get you to youtube!

mapes2“You say Bath-eee-ya…I say Bath—aye…ya…”

zcell2The Collinsport Gaol: It’s no Fort Knox

gun4The Great Escape

zescape1The OTHER Great Escape

zdream1Repeat after me…It’s JUST a dream…

zhuddle1Nothing says safety and comfort like a loaded pistol…

zmilli1The shy bride…who’s completely bonkers!

MODSQUADCARChrissy likes the Mod Squad wagon

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