Hey, guys.

I know what you’re saying. “Uh oh.”

We were in the process of building the new podcast, with tons of kewl stuff, when my computer exploded. We lost a lot of work, and have to return to the drawing board, which, coincidentally, is in the drawing room. We cruised Best Buy and snapped up a new computer. I’ve spent the last two weeks reinstalling software and moving a lot of our data over from the server, but we still have a lot of work to redo.

Losing a computer is a really depressing experience. No matter how diligent your backup process, you’re going to lose stuff, stuff you were just working on. And sometimes you have to back up and start over again. But on the flip side of the coin, sometimes you discover that, over time, you’ve gotten a little bit complacent. You create something (let’s say, an audio clip). Months later, you discover a way to make that audio clip better, but you say to yourself, “Ahhh, it’s good enough.” And so, you let it ride, and leave something that’s not as good as it could be.

Well, “good enough” isn’t good enough.

I don’t think I’m revealing any secrets, when I say that Chrissy and I live in the general area of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Three years ago this week, our town was devastated by an F4 tornado. Our family and friends were fortunate enough not to be among the direct victims of the storm, but I did lose my job, thanks to no building to report to. I worked for a year with temp agencies, before finally latching on to a good position.

It’s taken three years of rebuilding and renovation, but the city is finally starting to see the fruits of its labor, as government, business, industrial and residential areas start to rise from the rubble, better than before. But to be done right, that improvement takes time.

That’s what we do, when losses strike. We reflect, then we rebuild, better than before. And while I’m not comparing the devastation of a deadly tornado to losing a computer, or a podcast, the principles remain the same.

Now, an opportunity has presented itself to us, to make things better. And we’re taking advantage of that opportunity to rebuild some of our clips, and re-examine some of our options for audio & video editing software. All of which we hope yields a better product for you.

We’re rebuilding, and I think, coming back stronger than before, on June 7.

You’ll see what I mean.

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6 Responses to WHAT’S THE HOLDUP?

  1. Mariam says:

    Oh my. Thanks and good luck! As far as I’m concerned, the longer we stay in 1795, the better.

  2. nick caputo says:

    Sorry to hear about your computer. It’s always terrible when you lose work but I’m sure you’ll come back better than ever and It’ll be worth the wait.



  3. Justin says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this, I know how hard it can be. Ill be keeping you in my prayers and looking forward to next month –

  4. Bobbi Rightmyer says:

    Just to let you know, I’m missing your podcasts! I’m really sorry about your computer and I hope you are up and running again soon!

    • russ says:

      Thanks, Bobbi! I was actually “up and running” after only one day, but the things I lost are forever gone…. Things are proceeding well, and we’re on schedule for the first Saturday in June, which is…let’s see…in a couple of days. And we have a couple of nice surprises in store, too!

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