These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired March 11-15, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • I, Vampire
  • The Economy of Language
  • “Oh my God, I can’t believe this is really happening…”
  • Secret Passageways
  • The Pain in the Neck Patriarch becomes the Voice of Reason
  • Makeup! Lights! Camera! Action!
  • The marriage, the money and the maniac
  • A lack of joint decisions puts the new marriage out of joint
  • The dark side of Nathan Forbes gets even darker
  • The Poster Child for Naivete
  • No more pretty dresses for Millicent
  • Supernatural Supreme!
  • Does it take a witch to summon a witch?
  • Who’s that knocking at my door?


mapes1Bathia Mapes

damsel3Barnabas, that’s not very cousin-ly of you…

faceWait!! WHAT???

tower4Best not to conduct your secret business in a TOWER…

comeout2Oh, my son…my son…

ex3OUT, damn spirit!!

seance2“Strange things may happen. Ignore them.”

Barnabas comes out to Joshua

Does Naomi miss her cue?

ux42On comics stands this week

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2 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #48: DS EPISODES 446-450

  1. nick caputo says:


    Excellent work as always. The Barnabas/Joshua episode is one of the highlights of the 1795 storyline. Frid and Edmonds had a chemistry together and made the scene work.

    I’m wondering if Curtis had problems with the network to use the word vampire in a daytime program and perhaps had to fight a bit before it was finally approved (of course it makes no sense since kids could turn to any station and see Dracula and other vampire movies in the afternoon). Whatever the case the surprise in hearing the word uttered worked. The writers did a great job as well, and it would make sense that Joshua was unable to comprehend something so fantastic.

    Nathan was an interesting character, and Joel Corothers was able to show his acting chops in the role. While he was always good as Joe Haskell, there was not a lot he could do with the nice guy role. While Nathan may have had some redeeming qualities and possibly cared for Millicent early on, I see his character as going down a dark road and losing any humanity he had.

    I agree with Russ’ theory that Bathia Mapes was not a witch, but someone knowledgeable of the supernatural and working for the good. Kind of a female Dr. Strange, who REALLY should have been summoned but was busy battling Nightmare that month (see Dr. Strange #168). Dr. Strange is mentioned by special arrangement with Adventures in the Marvelous Zone (an in-joke for Chrissy)

    ..and if you think the flub with Nathan and Naomi was a whopper, just wait’ll you review the next episodes!

    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for the in-joke! Yeah, I’m wondering what would have happened if Dr. Strange had handled this case. We might have a totally different Dark Shadows…or maybe no Dark Shadows at all!

      We have just finished watching the next week of episodes, and you’re right—we will be having a BIG section on FLUBS in our next podcast!!

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