These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired March 4-8, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Barnabas the Bricklayer: Hero or Villain?
  • Trask, you can’t HANDLE the supernatural!
  • Robin Hood on steroids
  • Chrissy psychoanalyzes the vampire
  • Atonement is a bitch, and Reputation is king!
  • Trask & Forbes: a curious alliance
  • The best laid plans…work out just fine!
  • Jeeves would not approve…
  • The Narrator knows all!
  • Whatever happened to Andre Dupres?
  • The houseguest that will never leave
  • Assault with a deadly cane
  • Russ throws Chrissy a softball
  • “A maid will answer the door” ROTFL!!
  • Something old, something new…
  • Three Bells…but is the geography well?


Note: Chrissy’s Synopsis this week is accompanied by music from Hold On To Me, from Placebo’s latest CD, Loud Like Love.


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3 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #47: DS EPISODES 441-445

  1. nick caputo says:

    Chrissy and Russ – Another absorbing account of Dark Shadows. The walling up of Trask was a memorable episode, quite scary watching as a kid. While Barnabas’ vengeance did appear to be his vampiric side overtaking him, I also felt little sympathy for Trask. He was putting an innocent person to death, and its certainly implied, particularly since he is none too bright in supernatural situations – that had many other innocent women burned at the stake or hung – so Mr. B gets my vote. I think a good point was made about his attempting some form of vindication for his evil acts.

    Nathan Forbes began as an opportunistic fellow with some redeeming qualities (I think that’s why he warned Trask) but someone whose negative traits slowly overtake everything else.

    Russ hit the mark in pointing out that Dan Curtis had a limited number of actors he would use each day, and that budget often meant the writers had to substitute one character for another. They had their work cut out for them!

    Re: the disappearance of characters. I recall reading that one reason they were written out was due to other commitments (plays; movies). Whenever any of the main cast disappeared for a few weeks it was usually due to their working on a play. David Ford’s absence may well be one of those cases.

    I look forward to the next exciting episode of the Drawing Room. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to discuss.

    • chrissy says:

      Hi, Nick! Thanks for your insightful comments. You obviously listened to our entire podcast! I thought it was funny when you said “Russ hit the mark” about Dan Curtis. Now that I think about it, I wonder how many other “creative” decisions have actually been a matter of finances. We’ll keep our eyes open for future occurrences.

      Good point about how many other innocent women may have suffered due to Trask’s fanaticism. It was time somebody put a stop to him. If it took an “evil” vampire, then so be it!

      We will have some further discussion about Nathan Forbes on our next podcast, as his character continues his downward spiral of moral deterioration.

  2. Mariam says:

    Nice to hear of others who remember watching the walling-up of Trask when it first aired. It was definitely a signature DS moment for me, and the first time I discussed the show with kids in the schoolyard the next day. I had, however, forgotten about the signed vindication of Vicki, so, at least terrorizing Trask did some good. I’ve always been a Barnabas fan, but, really, even at the time I thought this was—excuse the phrase—overkill. He could have killed Trask by strangling and then walled up the body.

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