These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired February 26 – March 1, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • It’s not the end…yet!
  • When all else, fails, tell the truth
  • The Paranormal Paradox
  • “And then I woke up…”?
  • Special Effects Fest on Wednesday
  • Is Reverend Trask practicing the evil art of Feng Shui?
  • Barnabas botches it badly
  • Is it Quittin’ Time for Ben?
  • “I hate. And I can do something about that hate.”
  • Emo-Vampire joins The Avengers
  • Internet Tough Guy
  • A Tale of Three Detectives
  • Verbal Swordplay
  • Props for the use of props
  • The debonair and powerful vampire…drops his cane
  • Foreshadowed is forewarned…or is it?
  • Best Slap of the Series


  • Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?
  • Tote bags, bobbleheads and discount coffins

adockThe neck, Barnabas!! Aim for the neck!!

acomfortComfort in a Difficult Moment


afraidBe afraid, Trask…be VERY afraid…

amaudeThe Lovely Miss Maude Browning

Batman199-00This week in comics…

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One Response to THE DRAWING ROOM #46: DS EPISODES 436-440

  1. nick caputo says:

    Great discussion this time out. Russ gets the award this time out for funniest segment with his “Barnabas the internet tough guy”. Clearly, he’s no Popeye! Trask was a great character and Jerry Lacy was perfect for the part. My favorite episodes will be coming up soon, and I look forward to your always interesting and perceptive comments.

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