These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired February 19 – 23, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • He sends her away because she’s ugly
  • One simply does not bite one’s family members
  • Ben and the boy—Runaway kindred spirits?
  • The Book of Prophecy, According to Daniel
  • In what universe is it okay to tell colonial children that people will fly?
  • I am Naomi, hear me roar!
  • Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Vicki’s trial is not going well
  • Chrissy is not on Team Nathan
  • What motivates the dead Angelique?
  • Devil! Devil! Devil!
  • “If you didn’t love her, then you hated her enough to kill her.”
  • Pacing…prob…lems con…tinue…


  • Epic TV cancellations
  • Mr. Rogers comes to your neighborhood


xdanielcollinsYou say David, I say Daniel…what’s the diff?


xdead2Abigail Dies of Fright…

xfangs…Not Bite

xfight7Bradford and Forbes…Fight Fight Fight

xtribunalThe U.S. Constitution takes a beating

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3 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #45: DS EPISODES 431-435

  1. longtimeviewer says:

    Most of us found out the show was ending two weeks before it ended. TV Guide had a little mention listed in the lineup for Friday, April 2, 1971: “Dark Shadows, last show of the series” or words to that effect. It was a fluke that we happened to glance through there and found it, or we would have had no knowledge. The teen magazines were usually a few months behind with the news. I remember there was an article entitled “Dark Shadows: Kiss Us Goodbye” in one of the magazines, but it was rather late, I believe. A lot of kids at school were talking about it the last two weeks. Also there were a few newspaper clippings at the time that said they were going to film a second theatrical movie for MGM following the cancellation, but I missed those at the time.

    • russ says:

      Thanks, although I remember something a little more official than that. It’s possible that the very first word came from that TV Guide entry, but it seems like I and my friends would have wanted confirmation, and we got it from somewhere. There may have been a small blurb in my local newspaper, or something.

  2. longtime viewer says:

    I bought a magazine after the show ended, April, May, or June 1971, which had an article saying actress Virginia Vestoff (Quentin’s wife) was in her dressing room when news came of the cancellation. She was busy with other things anyway and it might have said she was thinking of leaving the show. In any event, she wasn’t on the show the last few months, so the article had to have been written around January. A lot of news seemed to be very old in magazines when they finally hit the stands. Photos of DS always seemed to be very outdated in the magazines, always from a previous storyline.

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