These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired January 15-19, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • “Have you ever heard the word…VAMPIRE?” Yes…as a matter of fact, we have!
  • The week of “Why??”
  • Ominous forebodings…
  • Joshua in full patriarchal splendor: control freak, or practical leader?
  • Vicki has butterflies in her head, and doesn’t understand the Butterfly Effect
  • Angelique, will you take the $20,000…or what’s behind door #3?
  • We meet Corky the Bat
  • When it comes to “I’ll be back,” Schwarzenegger’s got nothin’ on Barnabas Collins!
  • When does blood not look like blood? (When it’s not blood)


  • Oh, those wacky 60’s sit-coms!
  • Drum Roll for the new Blog Roll

usebook3Natalie ponders the future

joshuaReturn of the Pompous Patriarch

Kudos to the Sound Crew–Sound changes to match the camera angle

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3 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #40: DS EPISODES 406 – 410

  1. Mark Gillman says:

    Hi! Just got introduced to your podcast from listening to the CHS podcast you guys were featured on. Also, I follow you on twitter 🙂 @barnabas_frid //Anyway, is it too late to reply to an older episode? If not, I believe I can answer at least one of the questions definitely. Concerning the bat who bit Barnabas, I know that often times witches summoned things called “familiars” who were usually in the form of an animal that people were afraid of like wolves, snakes, bats, etc, and their purpose was usually to inflict a curse on someone. In this case, Angelique summoned a Bat familiar to carry the vampire curse to Barnabas. Familiars were kind of supposed to be an elaborate way to inflict a curse on someone. Hope this helps make sense! As far as some of the others like Barnabas saying that he would return to Josette, I can only speculate that he was maybe talking about coming back to her in some sort of spirit form and trying to comfort her by saying that she wouldn’t be alone. When he rises and Angelique is there, he seems confused about how he is there and what is going on, so I doubt that he knew he was going to be a vampire before he died. Just my 2 cents. LOVE your podcast! You two are great fun to listen to! I usually listen on the way home from work. Perfect way to relax and unwind! Keep it up!

    • russ says:

      Thanks, Mark! Never too late to comment. So the bat is basically Angelique’s black cat. Good points about Barnabas being confused upon wakening. But it stands to reason that ANY vampire would be…confused…their first night out and about. Still, before the days of Bram Stoker and Varney the Vampire, I doubt many people knew ANYTHING about vampires, so it would be unlikely that Barnabas would suspect the exact nature of Angelique’s curse. Thanks again for the kind words, and I hope you stick around for the next 8 episodes. There’s lots more fun to come.

  2. longtime viewer says:

    Some of the things y’all pick apart are so funny! I laughed so hard. Some of them occurred to me, too, and others didn’t bother me at all. Angelique telling Josette and Natalie to leave the Old House fit because they shouldn’t be exposed to Barnabas’ illness (the double meaning that perhaps they were in danger from Angelique was a common joke the DS writers did, mostly with Barnabas).
    I love the evocative episode #406 by Gordon Russell with Josette sleeping in the chair at the inn with her neck mysteriously begins bleeding. It meant to me that she was so closely in tune with Barnabas. If I ever thought the bat outside the window might be sent by Angelique, it was dismissed long ago. I think it was just symbolic (or a red herring). It also didn’t bother me that Natalie would have picked up Josette’s sense of foreboding by the time they arrived back at Collinwood. As for them going to the big house first, I would say it’s probably closer to the main road, whereas the Old House was closer to the sea. True, there are probably many back roads, but the only proper thing for ladies to do would be to check in with the family first and find out any status, as opposed to intruding on Barnabas and his bride.

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