These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired December 11-15, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Dueling Fools
  • Nathan Forbes, Victorian superhero! (At least he’s trying to be…)
  • How to hide out in a small town
  • The kooky spinster meets the Zodiac
  • Does Barnabas have free will…or will Angelique set him free?
  • Dark Shadows 1st Super-Villain: Acerbic to the extreme!
  • The devil is in EVERYTHING…
  • The tree, the bear, and frostbite: so, who’s a witch now?


  • Guess who’s coming to dinner?
  • Forum, anyone?

NOTE: This week, Chrissy’s synopsis is accompanied by Intermission, by Panic! at the Disco.

35peril4If she doesn’t survive, good news! She wasn’t a witch!

35shadow2Fake Jeremiah

The first exploding cat in Dark Shadows history

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10 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #35: DS EPISODES 381-385

  1. To answer your questions:

    1) David Cryer is actor Jon Cryer’s (“Two and a Half Men”) father (if you watch the scene, the resemblance is striking).

    “Barnabas the fool! Barnabas the fool!” (one of my favorite lines).

    I unfortunately can only speculate as to why Anthony George is not in the scene. The most likely option is one of availability/scheduling.

    An “in-story” explanation — one I rather like — is that Angelique can’t conjure up the actual image of Jeremiah and this is the best she can do. I enjoy the limitations to her powers in the 1795 storyline.

    2) Regarding Vicki’s room — I don’t think a governess is considered a servant. She’s a step above Angelique, who is a personal maid (arguably a position that does not require even a basic education), and several steps removed from Ben. I’ve mentioned before that Angelique demonstrates her naivete by believing Barnabas could ever marry her given her background. A match between the two would be impossible — though not so much for Vicki, as governess, and Barnabas (arguably socially acceptable just not financially wise, as Vicki has no money, so Joshua would probably not approve on those grounds).

    I never got the impression that Barnabas’s view of social standing had changed drastically when he was released from his coffin in 1967 and he saw Vicki as a suitable match for himself…. though I suppose when you’re a vampire, you’re more flexible on those matters.

    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for these comments, Stephen! I had been wondering about David Cryer and any possible connection to one of my favorite actors. (Big fan of Pretty in Pink). I’ll have to take another look at the “fake Jeremiah” to look for the resemblance.

      LOVE your “in-story” explanation that perhaps Angelique can’t conjure an exact image. Boy, that would make so much sense! I just wish if that were the case they would have explained it in the story.

      “Barnabas the fool!” There’s a line we could probably hear more than once during the course of the show!


  2. Dirk Bevlin says:

    Did I hear someone say Discussion Forum?

    I think it would be a blast, and I hope that those who feel the same way will not hesitate to let their voices be heard.

    Long Live The Drawing Room!

  3. Mariam says:

    I certainly don’t remember the exploding cat! Thanks for the clip. Thanks also for answering the question I had been mulling over–whether Barnabas and Jeremiah had seconds.

    Nice work.

  4. Emily says:

    Please make the forum! I’ve been bouncing around on tumblr, and may other little sights just dying to have a nice big conversation on all things dark shadows for almost two years now. I feel your podcasts reflect the best kind of spirit, and that you would bring out the best in other fans.

  5. barnabasjr says:

    Hi, I’m new here, and would also be interested to see the development of a forum.

  6. Robert says:

    Wrong; the first and original Dark Shadows supervillain was Laura Collins, the Phoenix. Jeremiah??? Give me a break. He was not even a villain.

    Now, she was Jeremiah’s wife at one point. . . .

    • chrissy says:

      Did we say Jeremiah was a supervillain? Don’t recall saying that. If we did, please let us know where, so we can correct ourselves!

      Also: Laura was Jeremiah’s wife at one point??? We have just watched through to the end of Jeremiah’s life in 1795 and the only person he was married to was Josette. Did this happen in an alternate time line that we have not yet reached in our viewing?

      But I do agree with you: Laura Collins was an excellent villain! But…SUPER-villain? I’d have to think that one through…


      • Robert says:

        If you have watched the episodes in the 1897 cycle, you will see Barnabas reveals that Laura was married to Jeremiah Collins; Angelique reveals she saw he portrait of the (then late Mrs. Jeremiah Collins) when she come to Collinwood some years later.

        Was Laura a supervillain? She was the first supernatural being to oppress the Collins family and one of the most powerful; however, unlike Angelique and Nicholas Blair and the Leviathans, etc. she was not inherently evil.

  7. silverednickle says:

    I was so happy that this week, Vicki is starting to realize that she needs to keep her mouth shut.

    Concerning the witch trials, there’s the Second Salem Witchcraft Trials or the Ipswich Witchcraft Trials of 1878, so Vicki ‘s witchcraft trials isn’t the last. The case in Ipswich is considered the last witchcraft trial in USA. There’s also Mercy Brown vampire incident, where the late Mercy Brown’s corpse was staked in 1892 in Exeter, RI for suspicions of vamprism.

    Governesses were traditionally from well-off families in that they could afford to educate their daughters a bit before the the young boys moved onto tutors and prepared for university. While not financially well-off enough to sit around and wait for marriage, governesses would be a sort of upper-middleclass, though it’s a little early for that term to be used.

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