These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired November 27 – December 1, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • If Barnabas marries Josette, will America be ruled by the Martians?
  • Ben is uite sure he will never say a word with a “Q” in it.
  • Angelique knows how to push buttons…but can she keep them pushed?
  • In death, Barnabas waxes eloquent about life…in life, he waxes eloquent about death.
  • The Floating Soap Opera Bed
  • Oh, that troublesome toddy!
  • “Time is held in suspension…” and the opening narration is stuck in a rut
  • Death threats! (And they’re not from Barnabas!)
  • Major Peter Murphy sighting!


  • Daydreams, Millionaires, and Julie Newmar’s legs
  • What the heck is a Dark Shadows plastic car model?

33useskull1Josette receives a really creepy wig as a wedding gift

33usealliance1An uneasy alliance

Watch Angelique’s face light up. She loves it when a plan comes together!

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4 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #33: DS EPISODES 371-375

  1. When I first saw this episode, I assumed Angelique’s motives to be ambitious. I thought she wanted to usurp her Lady’s role in order to become successful in the way someone could back then. I think I felt that she hated Barnabas for the old “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am” he pulled on her. Regardless of his kindness to Ben (who I called “The Oaf” at the time–he was why I stuck with DS), I thought this was pretty low of him–but I could look at it through 1967 standards.

    Since 1967 was the year I was born, I did not watch this as a kid, but only discovered it back in the late 90’s or so when there was a segment about DS Conventions on This American Life. (I had never seen the revival series.)

  2. Re-listening to these clips, I am really sad to hear how little Ira Glass understands about Dark Shadows.

  3. Silvered Nickel says:

    In regards to looking for Diana Millay. I know that Sam Hall in an interview a few back from the disc this is on that he said that the writers came up with the idea for Angelique. While he didn’t say that Angelique was NOT supposed to be Diana Millay, but he presented it as a completely new character.

    Regarding Peter Murphy, why didn’t Vicki have a déjà vu moment with him, haha.

    With male narrators, there will be male narrators later. Trying to find a list online (I know I saw one years ago), but no avail.

  4. longtime fan says:

    Russ complained about the opening voiceover for episode #370: “Time has been suspended at Collinwood. It waits for the completion of an uncertain and frightening journey into the past, back to the year 1795. The young woman who has made this strange journey has already learned that over the years the history of the Collins family (or History of the Collins Family) has somehow been twisted to conceal certain truths. She will soon learn that the past holds as much evil and terror as the present.” Most viewers who watched it daily knew what that referred to. Prior to 1795 Josette was known as the wife of Jeremiah. In 1967 Barnabas had mentioned that Jeremiah and Josette were an unhappy couple, she was ostracized by the villagers and in her despondency committed suicide. He also mentioned he taught her English and might have implied he was younger (can’t remember). At the time of this voiceover, they were saying not to expect the past to unfold as you thought it would. Just a few episodes before this, Vicki has learned that Josette was coming there to marry Barnabas, not Jeremiah.

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