These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired November 6-10, 1967.

In this installment of the Drawing Room:

  • It’s a matter of Life or Death!! Eh…
  • Insane by reason of interior decorating faux pas
  • Barnabas Collins meets Harry Potter (with ho-hum results)
  • The suspense should make sense!
  • Rats and Bats!
  • Playing games…badly.
  • We ponder the purpose of Peterson, and discuss our Dark Shadows crushes.


  • Opie gets cool and groovy with the chicks

An apparition of a little girl lurking in the dark…? Creepy!

Julia makes a new friend…only, not so friendly

What necessitates this cut in the middle of a scene? Walls falling down?

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6 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #30: DS EPISODES 356-360

  1. Julia’s breakdown makes a lot of sense. Guilt, as you say, plays a larger role in it, which Barnabas exploits, but I think it’s also the total complete collapse of her life — something that happens suddenly and cruelly.

    Julia originally rationalized all her questionable actions as a “necessary good” in the pursuit of science (though I’m not sure if they give out Nobel Prizes for curing vampirism — and it’s not like she could have ever told anyone about the experiments without incriminating herself, but I digress). She even breaks her “one” rule about taking a human life by serving as an accessory in the death of her friend Dave Woodard.

    After Woodard’s death, she’s already close to collapse and is willing to leave Collinsport and not continue with the experiments, which have become tainted by Woodard’s death. Barnabas forces her to continue. He is confident that she will because he knows how she feels about him and also that the experiments are all she really has left.

    After the experiments fail (entirely due to Barnabas’s own actions), Julia is horrified to think that she’ll be responsible for Barnabas’s future victims. And when Barnabas restores himself through Carolyn, she still holds out the hope that the experiments will continue. Barnabas not only obliterates any potential of that continuing but he also casts her aside rather callously (“We’ll no longer have any time for each other.”) after telling her sometime earlier that he was the only friend she had left.

    So now Julia has nothing: She’s failed to cure Barnabas so mangling Maggie’s memory, helping frame Willie for Maggie’s abduction, aiding in convincing everyone that David is disturbed, assisting in the murder of Dr. Woodard, and watching as Carolyn is turned into a mindless zombie — it was all for nothing. Had she never come to Collinsport and allowed circumstances to unfold on their own, Maggie would have recovered her memory and Barnabas would have been exposed. Her hope for a cure has left a trail of blood.

    I think this answers Chrissy’s previous comment about Julia grasping at the bone of protecting Barnabas during the day. Yes, it’s pathetic when you consider how cruel and dismissive he was to her but it’s the only way she can justify anything he’s done.

    And perhaps that explains why she “fell in love” with a man who was never kind to her, constantly mooned over a dead woman and a braindead living woman, and otherwise a jerk… he had to be worth all she sacrificed for him.

    • Sharon Baker says:

      yes!!! I agree with every word this guy is GOOD who gave more than comment he offers INSIGHT..which is awesome one thing it also points out it BARNABAS may be a vampire but he displays many of the DARK SIDE,, BARNABAS he is A SOCIOPATH WITH not a care or thought of anyone even when he claims LOVE it is really POSSESSIVE and he MUST have absolute control ..NOTHING less will do ..he considers people MINDLESS PUPPETS..a means to an end.and the end justifies the means.. so I agree with the comments here they are most insightlful awesome thank you Stephen..

  2. Sharon Baker says:

    HI good to be back i really think the thing was the site here.,,.somehow I don’t know..but I AM SOOO GLAD to be back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyhow a comment on BARNABAS meeting Harry Potter lots of differences NONE of them were IMMORTAL those characters were ALL HUMAN and DID and would die just like anyone the thing with VOLDEMORT is that he tried every ‘trick’ to become IMMORTAL should have tried being a vampire maybe that would have worked better ..all those horcruxes failed him.. in the end and HE DIED to in the big difference BARNABAS was essentially IMMORTAL because he was a vampire but we all know it IS possible to end them it all ends sometime..I think they just were hinting at angelique coming which DOES happen SOON enough..and then you accept it anyhow cuz of Barnabas being what he was..i don’;t know i Never thought about it but i was only a 9th or 10th grade then sooooo it was just intriguing..I guess..SOMETIMES when one over analyses you LOOSE it all…whatever.

  3. Sharon Baker says:

    it is possible to pick it all apart too much and have NOTHING left ..think back we were all YOUNG did we know about WRITING and the “polictics’ behind the scenes?? what did we all actually know except that somehow DARK SHADOWS cast it spell it was UNlike any soap opera then or since then and by the way MOST soaps are not running any more most of the soaps are GONE now..I can tell you for myself that the other soaps were downright BORING after DS..except that ALL MY CHILDREN had Louis Edmonds on for awhile anyhow there has never been a soap like DS ever..and never will be..I remember watching the interviews after the dvd’s interviewing Dan Curtis where he reflected on the show what did attract people etc and he said INNOCENCE it was going where none had gone before venturing way beyond the usual you gotta admit NONE of the plots on DS were the USUAL fare if you will..that is one thing I think kept in on then most girls i knew LOVED BARNABAS wised they could see him and be under his control what sort of control was that anyhow?? LUST..we all LUSTED after BARNABAS then once QUENTIN COLLINS CAME ALONG oh be still my heart..!!! SO i dare say it dont take no rocket scientist to figure that out..SO GLAD SO VERY GLAD to be back…

  4. Silvered Nickel says:

    Concerning the clock, I actually appreciated the comment by Roger. Old clocks are particularly fussy. My grandfather was an unprofessional antique clock repairman and there are still things that don’t quite run perfectly, but we accept them and save thousands of dollars. Remember that clock has been in the Collins family for centuries (even if the style suggests otherwise- more like 1 century at best). Clocks can run for ages before something effects them and that something could be as small as humidity swelling the gears or as big as a book blocking the hammer from the bell.

    Mathew Morgan seemed to do more of the heavy lifting and gardening than fiddling with tiny probably wooden cogs on an old clock.

    I thought in many ways old Prewitt added back in a sense of a larger world and how not everyone who comes and goes from Collinwood has to be wrapped up in the intrigue.

  5. Silvered Nickel says:

    Just read this regarding Frid having a particularly bad gaffe removed:

    “In a rare instance Frid managed to get them to edit an particularly bad gaffe on his part by agreeing to waive a bonus owed for working extra late on an episode.”

    Might not be the ideal source, but certainly gets you a step closer, though who knows if this is the right scene redone.

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