These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired October 30-November 3, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Carolyn joins the Black Hats
  • Dr. Frenemy goes too far!
  • A Fate Worse Than Death…but worse for WHOM?
  • David alone in the Land of Loss and Betrayal
  • Wild Card Joe and Crazy Aunt Katherine (no, it’s not a 1970’s movie)
  • Quick & Easy Hypnosis: Fall into the Trap!
  • Fashion foibles, dire distractions, and where is Joe really going?
  • Evil people lie


  • You sunk my battleship!


  • Van Winkle on Ice!

I Spy

The Claws Come Out

Carolyn practices her Bizarro limbo: How high can you go?

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8 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #29: DS EPISODES 351-355

  1. Sharon Baker says:

    JULIA is JEALOUS Carolyn is right on about that..!! Carolyn is also now acting like she has ‘designs’ on Barnabas as well she sure will not accept a subservient a triangle there..starting anyhow..David is sad and ALONE now lost all his allies..feels VERY ALONE he was glad DR WOODARD believed him and glad Carolyn believed him but he also feels that is the reason DR WOODARD DIED and BURKE etc..died..AS for this ‘aunt’ who knows??? didn’t think there were any other relatives ANYWHERE!!! but its a PLOY to entice Carolyn to go to Boston as with David and Vicki ..then Carolyn acts “weird” like she is in a trance the way she LOOKS and how stiff she floating along.. I LIKE your question and answer segment…that is very GOOD…!!! and insightful…hope you keep that up..and that comment Barnabas makes about women wow that IS VERY SEXIST !! but i must say Barnabas is very manipulative VERY Machiavellian !! He knows for a fact though that JULIA has that notebook and he knows what info is in that book so can’t really DESTROY JULIA until he has that BOOK..!!! he knows Julia very well really knows her..and is USING it all now against her..

  2. Mariam says:

    You know, I love your podcasts, but I must admit I do not like that new bell. Keep the format, but please be rid of the bell.

    • russ says:

      Thanks for the comments. We’re always experimenting with new things, and both applause and hisses can help us find the right track.

      I prefer the question-and-answer format, because it keeps us from going off on a bunch of wild tangents that Dark Shadows fans probably don’t care about, and the format is a lot easier to edit, because it divides the discussion into clearly defined segments. It eliminates the need for segues, which can sometimes be strained.

      I think the next episode returns to the more traditional format, but we’re not giving up on the question-and-answer session–it’ll return in future episodes. As for whether we keep the bell, or replace it with something else…or do away with it entirely, none of that’s been decided yet, so stay tuned!

    • chrissy says:

      Glad you like the new format. We may try to do that more often. As for the bell, I wouldn’t mind experimenting with some other sounds. We recorded this episode by tapping a spoon on a glass, then edited in the other bell sound, thinking it would sound less harsh. Mabye we can come up with something better? I’ll suggest it to Russ…

      Thanks for listening!


  3. Jeff in the Bronx says:

    Hi Chrissy and Russ,

    I’m 32 and started watching the show on the Sci-Fi Channel back in the ’90s while I was getting ready in the morning to go to school and I have been hooked ever since.

    I picked up the complete box set the day it came out and I’m moving along at a pretty fast pace. I started with episode 1 and I’m currently on about episode 940.

    Anyways, I stumbled across your podcast through the Collinsport Historical Society and (like the completest nerd I am) I’ve listened to them all and I totally adore The Drawing Room. Thank you so much for your work. I look forward to hearing more about what you have to say, especially in the next few podcasts as one of my favorite subplots is right around the corner from where you guys are currently at. (I’ll say no more…)

    That said, I totally agree with you two about Carolyn in these episodes. I just didn’t buy it! Also, why is it that after a blood-draining Willie and Maggie are sick for days but Carolyn just looks a little pale. It didn’t quite jive with me.

    Keep up the good work!

    • chrissy says:

      Hi, Jeff! Thanks for your insightful comments! We didn’t even think of that, about Carolyn just looking a little pale while Willie and Maggie were so noticably sick. Well…let’s try to reason this out….when Barnabas bit Willie and then Maggie, he was freshly out if his coffin, and perhaps so very hungry, that he drank a little too deeply? With Carolyn, maybe he’s now getting enough cow blood that he only sipped at Carolyn’s blood? You know, we often have to dream up ways to make it all make sense. But that’s a lot of the fun of the show, isn’t it?

      On episode 940 you are WAY ahead of us! It will be a while before we get there. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast, and just to let you know, we have every intention of sticking around to episode 940, and beyond!


  4. ChrissyV says:

    I agree–it was pretty stupid to have Julia mention the clock’s failure to strike; I vote that as the most annoying Julia deed, this week. Although to me, her saying so added an element of creepiness. It seemed like Julia just being resigned on some level to the impossible situation in which she finds herself, as if she means it in the sense of her own time running down, stopping soon, maybe? (Yeah, I probably over-analyze this stuff.)

    She’s typically fairly levelheaded, but completely believable that she’d crack a bit, after being forced to help kill Dave Woodard, and then having Barnabas follow that with all the mind games he dreams up, mocking her feelings for him, too. (I wonder how she can still care for him, after this.) It would be a strain on anyone! Let Vickie have him, I say!

    I wonder why she didn’t hide the notebook in the west wing of Collinwood. Surely there are many empty rooms, unused cabinets and closets, and she would have unobserved access to those. surely there was a more secure place!

    I don’t care for the bell either, but am just happy to have the podcast, glad you guys take the time to put it together.

    I’m also burning through the eps, I’m up to 595. I cheated, though, skipped 1795. 🙂 So I’ll get to experience that as its covered by the podcast, and probably enjoy it more, because of the discussion here. It’s been interesting following the 1967-68 timeline when the writers have had a break from it, and I haven’t. Interesting to see what they changed or apparently forgot, over the few months of the 1795 story.

    More comments are coming…I haven’t missed any podcasts, just too lazy to reply. Shame on me! 🙂

  5. chrissy says:

    Haha! I agree with you: “I wonder how she can still care for him, after this.” That’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me. Yes, Barnabas is different and exotic, and the very object of her scientific inquiry. I can see why there was an inital attraction. But for my money, Hoffman is too much of an intelligent and independent woman to keep acting like a schoolgirl over some jerk that keeps treating her like a doormat. That part doesn’t quite ring true to me. But then, I think we’re getting to a point in the story where some stuff is likely to change…maybe this is one of those things. Let’s hope!


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