These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired October 23-27, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Carolyn is curious, David is distraught, and Liz spends the week in the land of Denial.
  • What exactly IS a debutante’s job?
  • “There’s nothing in the basement of the Old House….and you’ve got to promise me you’ll never ever go there!!”
  • Addicted to Drama – 80’s pop tune, or timeless female finagling?
  • Now appearing in Barnabas’ basement: The Huffy Hoffman Traveling Hypnosis Show!
  • Girl blood is better than boy blood.
  • “What you see here you will never forget and you will never remember…IS THAT CLEAR??”


  • Another visit with the Suntan God
  • We take an idyllic journey to Camelot

The Long-Awaited Experiment

Dr. Hoffman is up to her old tricks again!

Renowned make-up artist Dick Smith transformed Jonathan Frid into “Ancient Barnabas” during a procedure that took several hours.

Frid is wearing a glove over his left hand, giving it a really creepy look.

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9 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #28: DS EPISODES 346-350

  1. Dave says:

    Just wondering…in the photo of Barnabas standing in the lab…the one where it is indicated that he is wearing a glove…is that his reflection in the mirror in the background? I didn’t think vampires had a reflection! (Or could it be because of the treatments?) Just wondering.

    In some of the later “Flashback” episodes…there always seems to be a mirror at the foot of the stairs in both the big house and the old house and I’ve always been trying to catch Barnabas’s reflection. No luck so far!

    Great podcast by the way!

    • russ says:


      It’s not his reflection. If you watch the video, you’ll see that it doesn’t move in tandem with Barnabas’s movements. We think it’s an x-ray machine, one of Julia’s lab props.

  2. Sharon Baker says:

    very very good podcast ..JULIA is conflicted very very much she started all this as A DR for research recall her saying I HAVE WAITED FOR YOU FOR A LONG LONG TIME she says to Barnabas and then starts her experiments and then the least expected she LOVES Barnabas now..and wants him no matter what..Barnabas is not stupid he is aware of this all but he is a MANIPULATOR MACHIAVELLIAN for HIS OWN good he’s not thinking of JULIA or anyone else just HIMSELF but he’s good at manipulating and JULIA is conflicted after all she now LOVES Barnabas and is UPSET JEALOUS he can’t get over JOSSETTE and now she knows he loves VICKI..look how much Julia has done for Barnabas not only the exprements but lied for him now even KILLED for him not directly but..she did provide the MEANS to kill DR WOODARD who was her FRIEND ..she cared for him as well…and now she realizes she MUST find a way to break up Vicki and thwart Barnabas plan the ONLY way she caN Julia cannot be upfront but using a sort of back door method..this hypnosis letting Vicki see and know all about Barnabas but can’t make it UPFRONT must get VICKI to reject for Carolyn i don’t think she really knows anything about what is going on except that she has seen SARAH and knows SARAH is a ghost so now that adds credence to David’s claims and I believe in her own way she cares for David and wants to help to assure him..etc..I don’t think she has any real idea of Barnabas and what he is..and when Barnabas walks in on Carolyn being there at the old house she say PLEASE DON”T HURT me Barnabas sees the answer to his problem he cannot attack vicki and will not use Julia so there is the answer he say I WILL NOT HURT MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD and then uses Carolyn now the plot really thickens as they say cuz there is this triangle with Barnabas, Julia..Vicki and now Carolyn..Julia is fighting back the only way she really can..when she at first get ANGRY with Vicki wanting Barnabas help Julia is JEALOUS and in effect saying BARNABAS IS MINE you can’t have him..its not about imposing on Barnabas time etc but IMPOSING on what JULIA believes is HERS and after all feels entitled to look at all she has given up and LOST because of Barnabas..that’s my take on it whatever..interesting ..

  3. Sharon Baker says:

    as to how David senses things it was IN THE MUSIC he and carloyn were in his room and the MUSIC Sarah’s song very sad very slow and sad music..and Carolyn heard it too and was well David kept listening and saying some thing would happen soon etc..but the message was from SARAH in her music..

  4. Sharon Baker says:

    I did go back and watch episode 344 everyone has gone to Dave Woodard’s funeral
    except David they all get back ELIZABETH talks with David tells him DR WOODARD DIED..etc he KNOWS she cant understand how he knows this..but he knows.. very very depressing conversation David is despondent..down stairs Elizabeth talking with VICKI and Carolyn about David and how the convo with him distressed her as well..Carolyn says she’ll try to talk with David so she and David talk Carolyn tell David about HER “friend” and then the MUSIC STARTS can[t miss is if you saw the episode CAN”T MISS IT.Sarah’s song plays and David hears the message of IMPENDING DISASTER its in the music CAROLYN hears the music as well and it upsets her she knows what Sarah is saying..what the music is saying its…and David tells BURKE good bye that he’ll never forget BURKE all this upsets everyone ..the music plays again..its discordant but its LONDON BRIDGE ..Sarah’s song…

  5. Sharon Baker says:

    well just looking at real pics of Johnathan Frid at 87 when he died the real pics actually look better than the ‘old man’ me anyhow..

  6. Sharon Baker says:

    on the johnathan frid fan page on Face Book they have some pics of him as a YOUNG kid..great pics interesting to look at….and love the comments that go along with the pics of the show great ..just great..

  7. Great podcast.

    Regarding your comments about Julia’s motivations:

    1) When Julia attempts to keep Vicki from Barnabas and later hypnotizes her, it’s clear to me that her motivation is jealousy. She’s not trying to protect Vicki. After all, Barnabas does not want to repeat his “mistake” with Maggie Evans. He wants Vicki to come to him willingly. And it’s certainly possible that she would — especially once Barnabas is human. No, Julia wants Barnabas for herself. I love the snarling, “Vicki” when Barnabas discusses sharing his first sunrise in 200 years with someone special.

    2) Keeping this in mind, Julia’s almost sinister goading of Barnabas to attack Vicki makes sense. If he reverts “through her,” she’ll be incapable of loving him authentically. It’s a very desperate ploy — almost presaging Angelique in a way (“You wanted your Josette, and you shall have her, but not as you might have wished.”)

    3) It is slightly more complicated once Barnabas rejuvenates himself through Carolyn. Barnabas’s plans for Vicki changes significantly — he no longer wants to risk becoming human and thus he no longer plans to be with Vicki *as a human*. He wants to make her what he is. So, Julia’s attempts to distance Barnabas from Vicki could be seen as being for Vicki’s own good. However, Carolyn was terrified of the aged Barnabas and once bitten, was hopelessly in his thrall so I don’t think Julia’s plan was going to be effective for anything more than enraging Barnabas, which she succeeds in doing.

  8. Sorry for the double (I should have waited until the podcast concluded!) —

    I would love to write a book about the first year of DARK SHADOWS and try to piece together when it was decided for Barnabas to start on the road to becoming not just the show’s centerpiece but the show’s protagonist.

    1) The “white hats” (Burke and Dr. Woodward) are all dead. This is possibly a “happy accident” (recasting in Burke’s case that didn’t work and the picket line issue for Dr. Woodard) but regardless, the show’s male lead is by default Barnabas at this point. More interestingly, it feels like Joe is brought back for the scene with Carolyn to almost wave at the audience and say, “Yes, I’m young and handsome and… *won’t* be the male hero in Burke’s absence. Even though, it might be obvious given what Barnabas did to my girlfriend.” Even Vicki, who in past storylines was more actively involved in the mystery, is now reduced to the unknowing damsel in distress.

    2) So, are the writers *at this point* attempting to make Barnabas more sympathetic? 1795 is in two weeks — surely Angelique has already been cast. And that storyline is key for changing Barnabas in the audience’s eyes. Of course, Barnabas is *still* contradicting his own backstory, which will be revealed. It’s been commented that Julia attempts to “cure” Barnabas’s vampirism without ever asking how he was cursed in the first place. Wouldn’t that be relevant?

    3) I would agree with Chrissy that Barnabas is far more Byronic a character, a classic “romantic” figure at this point. His interest in Maggie was more destructive: He wished to change her into Josette and into a vampire like himself — all based on her physical resemblance to Josette Collins. When his focus shifts to Vicki, there’s the impression that he *falls in love with her* — he’s now sort of a vampiric Gatsby: He will do anything to become the perfect person for Vicki. He’ll become human. He’ll give up immortality for mortality with her. I think this is probably why audiences began to sympathize with him more, even if he’s still a bit of a jerk (especially toward Hoffman). Ironically, Burke and Vicki have NOTHING IN COMMON. Burke rejects Vicki’s interest in the past and her inherent romanticism. You sort of wonder what he really sees in her beside a pretty face. Whereas, Barnabas actually loves all those things about her. So by the time Woodward becomes the show’s “Van Helsing,” we find ourselves in Barnabas’s corner. For one, Woodward is not at this point saving any lives — as Barnabas’s sole goal is to become human and not pose a threat to anyone else.

    I do contend that Barnabas’s story arc is consistent — he’s a total narcissist, which is why he wound up cursed in the first place (his dalliance with Angelique) and that continues through the rest of the series, even when his aims are somewhat nobler.

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