These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired September 25-29, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Sheriff Paterson fails Law Enforcement 101…again!
  • Willie the Ox defies the odds
  • How many times have we played the Amnesia Card now?…Uh…I can’t remember…
  • The Collinsport Health Plan: sedatives and cigarette smoke
  • David Henesy: he coulda been a contendah
  • Vicki jibes, Barnbas jokes, and Chrissy quotes Jose Chung
  • We enter the Dark Shadows Time Warp…but it may not be what you think!


  • Hulu jumps on board the train to Collinsport!
  • The Grayson Hall Blog-a-Thon (keep scrolling!)

Time keeps on slippin’ into the future…

Father and Son

Dramatic introduction of a new “character”

The Collinsport Historical Society has organized The Grayson Hall Blog-a-Thon for Friday, June 22, and we are honored to participate. Since we are not a traditional blog, our contribution to this blog-a-thon will also be non-traditional. In honor of Ms. Hall, Chrissy has written a poem–a sonnet, no less!–which she recites on this week’s episode of the Drawing Room.

In addition, you can read her sonnet here:


The Vampyre breathed new life into the show
When shadows dark did cling to our TV
Alleviated cancellation woes
Yes! Saved by joyous serendipity

But happy accident was not yet through!
Alas! A typist errs (or so we’re told)
So Julian shall be Julia? Yes, it’s true!
Now comes the lady doctor, smart and bold.

A dedicated dreamer with a plan
Chic redhead grace, and ever-stylish gloves
Intensely focused on that single man
The one she’s come to help…she comes to love.

So if the Dark is sweet when Shadows fall
We owe so much to the marv’lous Grayson Hall!

Please be sure to make these other stops, as the Dark Shadows community bands together to honor one of our very favorite actresses:

Frank Jay Gruber (The Weary Professor blog)
Using lines from her Oscar-nominated film Night of the Iguana as thematic bookends, Frank Jay Gruber discusses the differences between Grayson Hall’s film and television performance styles, and why each is distinct and memorable.

Plucky Chicken, the “hopelessly unhip blogger and bikini model” and Dark Shadows fan
Dead Celebrity I will Sorely Miss of the Day – The Grayson Hall edition

Collins Foundation
“If you have to choose between real and interesting, choose interesting.” According to Patrick McCray, Grayson Hall gives us both in Dark Shadows.

Collinsport Historical Society
Jonathan Frid was the face of Dark Shadows, but Grayson Hall was it’s soul. Even though nobody ever made action figures or board games based on her characters, Dark Shadows wouldn’t have been the same without her. Plus fan art, vintage newspaper clippings about Hall’s stage career and more throughout the day!

The Classic Movie Lady
At age 13, this blogger’s favorite actress was Grayson Hall … and she had never seen Dark Shadows.

Barnabas & Company
S. R. Shutt shares his thoughts on the artistry of Grayson Hall, playfully inspired by Wallace Stevens’ short verse cycle, Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird.

Hoffman/Lambert: The Doctor And The Vamire
Jessica Dwyer talks about women who are drawn to the dark side, and what Julia Hoffman’s character has to say about that strange fascination.

7 or 8 things I know about Her
Biographer R.J. Jamison summarizes the mystique of Grayson Hall

Author Matt Hall, son of Grayson and Sam Hall
It’s the Grayson Hall Blogathon!
“Mom would be delighted, and slightly mortified, but delight would win out.”

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5 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #24: DS EPISODES 326 – 330

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  4. Mellissa says:

    I discovered your Podcast (about one of the greatest shows ever) in the last week and am loving it. I’m enjoying this great trip down memory lane. I love your episode and character dissection of the series. I eagerly await the next episode.

    The smoking in the hospital thing was hilarious. Not only visitors, but doctors smoking all over the place. I guess it was the times. I listen to a lot of old time radio, and they actually had doctors doing cigarette commercials.

    The whole thing about not saying the word “vampire” in the show does pass, however there was a great travesty in the 1960’s comic book adaption of Dark Shadows. In the 1960’s the Comics Code Authority was in full effect and dictated what was allowed in comic books. The portrayal of vampires (and several other supernatural creatures) was forbidden. The comic book adaption of Dark Shadows was supposed to go to Marvel Comics, but because Marvel was under the Comics Code Authority, they were not allowed to do it. Gold Key Comics was the only major comic book company in the U.S. that was not under the Comics Code Authority, therefor the comic book adaption was given to them. Although the cover art for this run was great, the inside story art and writing left a lot to be desired. I can only imagine how great a job the artists and writers at Marvel would have done if not for the censorship that they were under. Ironically, in the early 1970’s, the Comics Code Authority lifted the restriction on vampires and Marvel went on to do its own successful vampire series called Tomb Of Dracula.

    • russ says:

      Thanks for all the kind words, Mellissa.

      You seem to be very well-versed on your comics history. I’ve got a surprise for you. I don’t know if you know it, but I’m the administrator for the last twenty years of a scholarly site on Marvel comics, the Marvel Chronology Project. You might want to hop over there. I’ll warn you, though: the reading is a little dry.

      Something that’s not so dry is Chrissy’s take on the Marvel Universe. She has a blog called Adventures in the Marvelous Zone: A Girl’s View of the Marvel Universe, and it’s much more entertaining than my cobwebby old stuff. It’ll take her a while, but one day, she’ll get around to those Tomb of Dracula’s you mention.

      A few months ago, when we went from a bi-weekly to a…um…tri-weekly schedule for The Drawing Room, we mentioned that we had other projects cooking on other eyes of the stove. These are part of what we were talking about. For a side of your two co-hosts that you’ve never seen, you might check out those two sites.

      And finally, you bring up an intriguing possibility, with Marvel handling Dark Shadows. The Gold Key series premiered in 1969, and I imagine at that time, the book would have been turned over to Roy Thomas, Neal Adams and Tom Palmer. Can you imagine? That would have been some sweet stuff!

      But it was not to be. I had a couple of those Gold Keys, when I was a kid, and you’re right, they were nothing to brag about.

      Anyway, thanks again for the comments, and we’re just as eager to produce the next episode, as you are to catch it.


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