We saw the new Tim Burton Dark Shadows movie this past Friday, and having a lot to say about it, felt our reaction to this perhaps “once in a lifetime” event deserved its own special podcast. We discuss plot points, but have taken pains to keep our comments spoiler-free: NO major shocking revelations. So even if you have not yet seen the movie, you can feel comfortable listening to our review.

Of course there are varied reviews of the Dark Shadows movie all over the press and internet, but for another insightful podcast review, check out The Cinementals. We really enjoyed the intelligent comments on this high quality review. However, if you listen, be warned: big-time spoilers there!

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  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for producing the “Special” podcast. I’m planning on going to see the movie within the next couple of days…after the initial rush dies down.

  2. Dave says:

    Went to see the new Dark Shadows movie this evening. There were less than a dozen people in the theater, so I pretty much had the place to myself…which I rather enjoyed.

    I went anticipating that I probably wasn’t going to enjoy the film…but after paying $8 for admission, $4 for a large popcorn and $3 for a large diet coke and freezing to death in an ice cold theater…believe it or not…I was pleasantly surprised!

    To begin, the scenery and special effects were outstanding! Next, Angelique was totally awesome!! Carolyn was a little too young for my taste, but her little secret took me totally by surprise (and I almost missed it at first glimpse). However, Johnny Depp pulled the part of Barnabas off nicely and without giving away too much…I can now die a happy man and the world will live long and prosper knowing that Barnabas finally found his true love.

    Similar to what Chrissy & Russ indicated in their special podcast…I will have to say that there were a couple of scenes that could have been left out. But I will say this, that true to Dark Shadows standards, that this movie really wasn’t that gory (by todays standards anyway).

    All in all, I will have to say that I enjoyed the move, especially the ending, and will definitely be purchasing the dvd when it comes out.

  3. Dave says:

    Forgot to include my comment regarding Victoria Winters on last post. Now the actress in the new film is nowhere near as beautiful as Alexandra Moltke in the orginal series, or the actress who played Vickie in the revival series…(at least to me)…but I really loved the way that Victoria’s background was woven into the story. Can’t go into detail without giving away too much…but it wasn’t what I had been expecting! (And NO, her background isn’t the same as that mentioned in the audio drama “Return to Collinwood”.

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