These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired September 4-8, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Did Sarah order a beer at the Blue Whale?
  • “Shut the door! Open the door!”
  • Funny Frustration
  • Haskell vs. Hoffman…or…Captain America vs. Cruella DeVille
  • Cliffs and crypts: Location! Location! Location!
  • The writers forget Hoffman has the ability to make people forget, and…
  • The censors forget a picture is worth a thousand words


  • Betty Jo returns to Hooterville!
  • We’ve got to fight for our right…to wear mini-skirts!

Our Tribute to Jonathan Frid:
A Dark Shadows Legend Passes into Eternity

We can see the fangs, but we won’t hear the word “vampire”

Bravo for blue screen! The ever-innovative Dark Shadows tries a new technology

Whose line is it?

Testing the limits of Barnabas’ patience

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One Response to THE DRAWING ROOM #21: DS EPISODES 311 – 315

  1. Mark says:

    Another good show.

    Your response to the passing of Jonathan Frid was very good. He really was a very private person who found himself in a very public positon–a problem for actors who are introverts–and did his best to be understanding of the fans.



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