These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired August 21- 25, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Detective Devlin delves in for disturbing details
  • Sarah…scary, or saintly?
  • “Jogging” Maggie’s memory is more like a slow crawl…or even a dead stop
  • Barnabas thinks his mojo is a no-go til Hoffman puts the clamp on the vamp
  • Burke Devlin, Alpha Male: Part II
  • Let’s talk about you…no, let’s talk about YOU!


  • How long would it take you to eat six pounds of grapes?
  • How technology could have spared Chrissy so much pre-teenage angst
  • In the news (in case you haven’t heard by now!): Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows trailer released to mixed reviews

Barnabas isn’t in the mood to celebrate

“I don’t drink…wine”

Did Dark Shadows just pick up a cigarette sponsor? All of a sudden, everyone’s smoking like dragons. Smoke left over from this scene is still roiling through the closing credits.

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4 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #19: DS EPISODES 301-305

  1. circlesky73 says:

    Sweet- a new podcast!!! Thanks, kids! 😀

  2. Rick Roberts says:

    You may remember me mentioning this ep that was cut from the original mpi release.


    It is important to note as well that on the original individual box set that featured episode #451 a very popular “blooper” was omitted. The blooper featured an actress playing an old witch who went up on her line. You then could hear someone off camera telling her what the line was. In this “Complete Collection” set that blooper is being restored!

    Also the first episode to feature Barnabas from 1967 was an old kinescope that was grainy and rough to view which was put on the original DVD set. Eventually on the last DVD set of “Dark Shadows” (from the “In the Beginning” series) a better copy of that episode was found, restored and included as a bonus. In this “new” set both the rough copy and the remastered version are being included.

  3. ChrissyV says:

    I’ve gotten so addicted to the podcasts, that I’ve actually suspended my watching of the DS episodes! 🙂

    You guys do such a terrific job with the synopses, they actually make the dragging storylines more interesting. What drags, for me, at this point is anything with Burke and Vicki, and scenes which include the average Joe H.

    I wish the last lines in the final B and J scene in 305 had been used as sound clips. I just love Julia’s tone of voice when she tells Barnabas not to delude himself. Also, I had to laugh, near the beginning of 305, when she tells him she thinks it’s egotistical of him to think that only HIS kind can come back from death. As well as each of them saying that the other is grating on the nerves…some very funny dialogue in this ep.

    Oh, about Julia’s advice to Vicki to put some distance between V. and Barnabas, and her warning B. to stay away from V., I believe her motivations are well-intentioned, for the most part. Yes, she may be beginning to have feelings for B., but I do think this is largely motivated by Julia’s concern for Vicki’s safety, in addition to her wish to continue and succeed with the experiment.

    I’d have liked to see a scene between Willie and Maggie, once it’s revealed that M. is still alive.

    I enjoy hearing the prices of misc items in ’67.

  4. Mariam says:

    Thanks—fun and informative, as usual. I am struck by how Barnabas links Burke to Jeremiah, and even uses the word “duel.” I certainly did not remember that kind of foreshadowing. “Foreshadowing” is, of course, the wrong word because these events already happened in the distant past, but it is foreshadowing what we, the viewers, will see in future episodes. There was more continuity to the storyline than I had assumed—less of the “seat of the pants” kind of plotting that most soap operas had. I wonder when the writers and producers made the firm decision to take the viewers back to 1795 to plot out Barnabas’s story. Does anybody know? This tells me that they must have made that decision by late August.

    A 1795 fan

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