Barnabas rock

These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired June 26 – 30, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Barnabas–Big scary vampire, or wimpy monster who hides behind a rock?
  • Vicky–Helpful Samaritan, or fashion vulture?
  • Julia Hoffman–Cryptic scientist, or out-and-out kook?
  • Carolyn: snit, snit & more snits!
  • The Collinsport Clock Conundrum
  • Roger tries to scare Jason, Jason tries to scare Barnabas, and without even trying, Sam scares BOTH Barnabas & Maggie in the same week. It’s one big Scare-a-paloosa!

And also:

  • Cavemen or Astronauts?
  • Our review of the long-awaited Dark Shadows comic book

Carolyn's regret

Jason drinking
Jason makes himself at home with Roger’s beloved brandy

Joe is on a mission to systematically wipe out every tree between Collinsport & Windcliff

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7 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #11: DS EPISODES 261-265

  1. Mark says:

    A few episodes ago the Big Finish Dark Shadows Audios were mentioned. The audio readings take place at different time in the series timeline. Dark Shadows: Clothes of Sand deals with Maggie’s time at Windcliff after her escape from Barnabas and would fit it well with where you currently are in the storyline.

  2. chrissy says:

    One of these days we hope to get around to listening to some of these! Would you say they are canon? I’m not interest in any alternate universe stuff.

  3. Mark says:

    The Big Finish Dark Shadows audios are authorized by Dan Pierson (he is now in charge of Dan Curtis Productions). In the two season based stories, the writers did their best not to undo Return to Collinwood* which is an MPI audio adenture that takes place thirty years after the series ended. When it comes to the dramatic readings–there are twenty thus far–none have been alternative universe based, but some new characters and situations have been introduced to the Dark Shadows mythos. I consider them to be canon, in the sense that they are a continuation of the Dark Shadows storyline, and have no problem with the introduction of new elements and characters because if the show had continued new characters would have been introduced.

    I hope that this has not scared you away from the audios – I really enjoy them.

    * Most reviewers of Return to Collinwood do not like it. I cannot offer an opinion on the production as I have yet to find a copy that is available for a “reasonable price”. In other words, you should probably avoid it.

    • Rick Roberts says:

      I have Return To Collinwood and all Big Finish shows…to me Return To Collinwood is the one to have. Much better than Big Finish stuff for a true fan of DS.

      Been busy and still havn’t caught up on your show Chrissy..will get there eventually.



  4. Mark says:

    There is one potential objection which some listeners might have and that is the recasting of Barnabas in the two series based stories. The recasting was not done lightly and the stories do deal with the fact that Barnabas is somewhat unsure of his new body.

    Jonathan Frid does reprise his role in The Night Whispers.

  5. longtimeviewer says:

    I bought each Big Finish audio pretty much at the time they came out and tried listening to the first few and was very put off. I listened to a few and then put them away for several years. They were too dark and gloomy and didn’t seem well written. Occasionally a British word or British grammar would be in the script which nobody corrected. I’ve read the British producers criticize Leticia Faye’s (Nancy Barrett’s) Cockney accent, but that’s nothing compared to some of their British actors’ fake American accents. I have nothing against the British, but it just seems unrealistic that so many British accents should crop up in a New England story (and they’re playing mostly poor, working-class characters like train conductors or laborers who really couldn’t afford to travel to America 20-30 years ago). But having said that, the Tim Burton movie has made me appreciate these audio dramas much more. Most of these stories have original cast members whom I love. So for the past year I’ve enjoyed the Big Finish audios and have looked forward to each release. The production values and stories are getting better all the time. A few of these latest ones have actually sent chills down my spine and momentarily frightened me. And they’re very much in the DS canon. I wish some artist would make cartoons of these audios. You can’t go wrong when you have the top cast members performing again: David Selby as Quentin, Kathryn Leigh Scott as Maggie, Lara Parker as Angelique, John Karlen as Willie, Jonathan Frid as Barnabas (in one), Nancy Barrett as Carolyn, Chris Pennock as Jeb Hawkes, Donna McKechnie as Amanda Harris, James Storm as Gerard Stiles, Marie Wallace as Eve & Jenny, Terry Crawford as Beth, Kathy Code as Hallie Stokes, and recently Denise Nickerson. Plus several cast members from the 1991 show and the 2004 pilot have appeared.

    The 2003 reunion CD by MPI (Return to Collinwood) was sort of like a dumb reunion movie that many of the sitcoms have done over the years. If it had had flashback clips of Barnabas and Julia, Liz & Roger, it would have been better. But it was rather stagy and it also seemed like they were trying to make a pilot for a revival show.

  6. longtimeviewer says:

    p.s. Last but not least: Jerry Lacy, Roger Davis, Lisa Richards, Robert Rodan
    Also: Barbara Steele, Roy Thinnes, Rebecca Staab, Lysette Anthony, Alec Newman

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