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These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired June 19 – 23, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • “We interrupt this broadcast…”
  • Jason McGuire and the No Good Very Bad Horrible Week
  • Confessions of a murderous matriarch
  • Carolyn’s twisted logic
  • Crazy Maggie, Secretive Sarah and The Great Escape
  • “I’m going to have to KEEEEELLL you!”
  • How exactly do you scare a vampire?


  • There’s no need to fear, Saturday morning cartoons are here!
  • …as well as Dark Shadows comics!

Elizabeth's confession
The Big Confession…we’ve been waiting a looonng time for this

Stoddards behind bars
Elizabeth finally leaves the house after 18 years, but is still held hostage by her situation

Barnabas explains to Willie that Maggie is beyond hope, after learning about her “secret friend.” Don’t miss the eyebrows!

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10 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #10: DS EPISODES 256-260

  1. Dave says:

    As always, loved this last podcast #10.

    A couple of Saturday morning tv programs that you didn’t mention were H.R. Pufnstuf (think I spelled the name correctly); Johnny Quest; and my all time favorite was the Hotwheels cartoon series where the characters drove around in a vehicle called the Jack Rabbit Special. (I have two of the original Hotweels diecast models…one with white interior and one with black interior…which I purchased for myself on my 50th birthday several years ago.)(Yep…had to go there and do that!)

    With respect as to why programming may have been interrupted in the 1960’s…well the Vietnam Conflict was going on at the time. Then in the early 1990’s, there was the first Gulf War. I distinctly remember returning from that region to a new duty station in Guam and having cable tv for the first time in my life. Yep…one of the first programs I saw back then was Dark Shadows on the Sci-Fi channel.

    Oh, and the game of toss between David & Sara might have possibly been the highlight of a little girls day back in the 1800’s. But I’ll have to agree that the dialogue seemed to drag a bit…

    Thanks again Chrissy & Russ for another great podcast!


  2. russ says:

    I don’t think we’ve missed any Saturday morning programs yet, Dave. Keep in mind that episode 10 only covered the cartoons that ran on CBS in the summer of 1967. Pufnstuf, for instance, was an NBC program from 1969. So we’ll get around to it, but it’s going to be a while.

    Chrissy was a big Pufnstuf fan, and I never missed an episode of Jonny Quest, so trust us, we won’t miss those, when the time comes.

    • Rick Roberts says:


      Watched a few eps of J Quest just last week. Been converting my cartoon collection to another video format lately.


  3. Healthy Cholesterol Diets says:

    Just as good as your last post. Do you accept advertisers?

  4. Mark says:

    According to the Dark Shadows Companion, the change from Dr. Julian Hoffman to Dr. Julia Hoffman was the result of an error made by a typist. Given the direction which the show was able to take the relationship between Julia and Barnabas it was a providential mistake to say the least.


    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for that bit of information. I would say it was not only providential, but also, perhaps, somewhat serendipitous (if I’m using the word correctly…)


  5. Mark says:

    Yesterday my copy of the Dark Shadows Almanac: The Millenium Edition arrived and while I paging throught it I found a slightly different version of the Julia name change. According to the Almanac, the original name was Julius Hoffman. The Almanac was published in 2000 and has been criticized for having some errors in it (there certainly are typos), The Dark Shadows Companion where the Julian Hoffman version appears was published in 1993. Personally I am more inclined to trust the Companion, but thought that I would pass this bit of triva along.

  6. Ell says:

    In 1967, I was a bit too old for Saturday morning cartoons, but “Captain Kangaroo” definitely rings a bell. I was watching him back in the ’50s when I was a youngster. No one thought his hair and outfit to be strange back then, even though that was the era of the crew cut.

  7. longtimeviewer says:

    Episode #260 was not preempted on the ABC network I saw it on in 1967. It was late June, and we had gotten addicted to the show by then. Though we were kids, my brother had written detailed synopses, and this episode ended with the line, “You can never escape!” When DS reran in syndication in the 1975, we used his summaries to gauge when this episode would air again, and we got a small group of other kids to leave band practice early with us (I think it was summer, but we had to meet for band) to get home in time to watch this episode.

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