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DISCLAIMER: If you choose to listen to our podcasts from the very beginning, please be warned: our production qualities here are just terrible in comparison to our latest episodes. Please don’t be put off! We get better, we promise! 🙂

These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired June 12 – 16, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Multiple references to BONDAGE (but it’s not what you think)
  • Barnabas is a sick B@$+@#%! (and it’s exactly what you think)
  • David is Disobedient, Belligerent, and Bratty. So what else is new?
  • Carolyn gets totally Buzzed…in more ways than one!
  • A Bridge, a Bag of spiders, and a Body on the Beach
  • Boy, there’s an abundance of alliteration here. I feel like I’m in a Stan Lee Marvel comic!

And also, Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmm….”

  • When does Willie sleep?
  • Does Vicky not understand the meaning of the word “curfew”?
  • Why didn’t they ask Russ for his advice on the 1967 Daytime Emmy nominations? (Okay, I was nine years old, but I knew acting when I saw it…)

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Rooms outside the House: They’ve got some Dr. Seuss architects at Collinwood

odd photo here
Is Carolyn about to become “the old ball & chain” to this motorcycle man?

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2 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #9: DS EPISODES 251-255

  1. Dave says:

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  2. nick caputo says:

    Buzz did come off as a likable character, and was even an honest guy as we later learn when Jason tries to bribe him.

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