DISCLAIMER: If you choose to listen to our podcasts from the very beginning, please be warned: our production qualities here are just terrible in comparison to our latest episodes. Please don’t be put off! We get better, we promise! 🙂

These episodes originally aired May 29 – June 2, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • So what’s the real deal with Paul Stoddard?
  • The dangerous endeavour of Grilling Barnabas Collins
  • The Sheriff admits, “I got nuthin’…”
  • The most unromantic marriage proposal…EVER!
  • A week in the life of Barnabas Collins: bend some bars, recite some poetry, beat Willie, and pull off the Big Switcheroo!
  • HOFFMAN!! Well…almost…
  • Can you sympathize with a character who hates being evil?


  • The envelope please: And the Emmy goes to…
  • “We’re watchin’ Gunsmoke, and that’s all there is to it!”

♫Burke and Vicki, sittin’ in a tree…♫

Vicki and Barnabas, walking on the beach….Are you kidding me?

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14 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #7: DS EPISODES 241-245

  1. Dave says:

    Thank you for the long awaited podcast number 7…it is like catnip/crack for us Dark Shadows junkies.

    Regarding Julia Hoffman…the actress Grayson Hall was married to the writer Sam Hall, which may have contributed to her getting the part. In an interview that I saw on one of the dvd collections….Sam Hall related that his wife’s favorite role was when she played the gypsy. This was her favorite because she was of Romanian descent.

    In the film, “House of Dark Shadows”, it was most definitely indicated that Dr. Hoffman was in love with Barnabas.

    Thanks for all you do and have a great week!


    • chrissy says:

      Haha! Love your comment about the podcast being like “catnip/crack.” Well…catnip is okay, but crack sounds dangerous! Maybe we don’t need to go THAT far!

      I also like Grayson Hall as the gypsy Magda. I think that character must have been a lot of fun to play. Can’t wait till we get there!


      • longtimeviewer says:

        One of the Dark Shadows cast members made an offhand comment in a festival video that perhaps Sam Hall got his wife employed on the show. But that can’t be right. Grayson Hall (“Dr. Julia Hoffman”) joined Dark Shadows in June 1967 (according to and her husband, Sam Hall, joined as a writer in November 1967. Someone (either their son, Matthew, or Grayson’s biographer) wrote that she was stepping into her bath, tired of being a struggling actress and getting ready to pack up to move back to Ohio, when the phone rang. She had one toe poised above the water but decided to answer it. It was her agent asking her to audition for the soap. Someone with the show (Bob Costello, I believe) has been quoted as saying that after they decided Hoffman would be a female and actresses were considered for the part, he and Dan Curtis were looking at photos and resumes and discussed the hiring of Grayson Hall because she was well known for her Oscar nomination. Also Sam Hall said in a video interview on one of the DVDs that Dan Curtis had come to a dinner party at their apartment in the fall of 1967, after Grayson had become an established asset to the show, and that when Dan found out that Sam was a playwrite, he asked him to come talk to his people at DS. Sam said he thought Curtis was just being nice and that he, Sam, really wasn’t interested in writing for a soap, so he turned it down politely. But Sam said that Dan was insistent and mentioned it again another time, at which time Sam seriously considered it.

  2. James says:

    I loved the show! I’m already a bit ahead of the podcast, currently around 253, so I’m trying to slow down so I don’t get too far ahead. 😀 Thanks as well for the mention. 🙂

    I liked your question about being sympathetic to an evil character who hates what they are. I think this contradiction adds so much to the character and keeps them from being a simple two dimensional “bad guy”. Take Darth Vader for instance. The fact he started as a good guy who turned evil and then had this internal struggle going on inside of him made him very interesting.

    I’m not sure yet if Barnabas fits this classification but I’d like to see more of this side of his personality. I thought some of his scenes (coming soon) with fake “Josette” also hint towards the more human side of his past.

    Finally, I think Jason has shown us what a slimy conniving shyster he really is. He’s a terrible person and I love seeing him be so good at it. He’s like a car accident on the side of the road, you know you shouldn’t look at it but yet you can’t help yourself.


    • chrissy says:

      We WILL see Barnabas being portrayed as a much more sympathetic character as time goes on. I agree with you that it makes an evil character much more interesting when they are “tortured” by the fact that they are evil. Yeah, on Jason, not really sure he has any redeeming qualities whatsoever. But yeah also…he’s so good at being despicable!

  3. Dave says:

    I’ve restarted watching some of the old episodes also…so as not to get too far ahead, and am currently on episode 98. Speaking of which, for both Chissy & Russ, at the beginning of episode 98, when Mrs. Johnson first arrives…Elizabeth asks her to “…come into the drawing room.” (I mention it in case you need that audio clip)

    In response to James comment above on an evil character hating what they are…there was a play on television back in the late 1970’s, starring Bo Svenson, in which he played the Frankenstein monster. In that play, the creature really had trouble deciding between good & evil. In my opinion it was the best portrayal of the Frankenstein monster that I’ve ever seen (to date anyway).

    Just thought I would mention it. Hope everyone has a great weekend! It’s back to watching Dark Shadows for me. (smile)

    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for the tip on Episode 98, but for the time being we’re going with the quote you led us to originally, which pretty much is what we were looking for! Someday we may get back to Episode 98 and take a listen, but right now we are working on moving forward, getting ready to watch some more Dark Shadows tonite!

      As for Bo Svenson…thanks for the memories! We recently watched the first season of another 1960’s classic, Here Come the Brides, in which Bo Svenson played the character “Big Swede.” LOL! Perfect name for him! It was a good storyline too. Not as dramatic as Frankenstein, but a lot of fun!

  4. Dave says:

    Wow…I had almost forgotten about “Here Comes the Brides”! Bobby Sherman and lady who played Candy were my favorite characters on that one, as well as the guy who played Jason Bolt.

    Did a little checking online the other evening on that Frankenstein tv play that starred Bo Svenson…and to my surprise, it was directed by Dan Curtis also (the guy that directed Dark Shadows). No wonder I liked it so much.

    Another tv play that came on around the same time was “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde…and it starred a very young Jack Palance. I believe it was directed by Dan Curtis also. Like the Frankenstein tv drama/play…it was one of the best depictions of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde that I have ever seen!

    Ok, I’ll stop rattling on for awhile and give someone else a chance…hope everyone has a great week! Glad that October is finally here!!

  5. Rick Roberts says:


    Youre right on Palance and Hyde and also Dracula by Curtis..have them both in my collection…Dracula was the best performance I have ever seen Palance in and I’m a fan of his.

    On Here Come the Brides…being a ST fan I can’t help but mention Aaron Stemple played by Mark Lenard….Sarek on Trek….there was even a Pocketbooks novel in the classic Trek series written that made a crossover from Trek to Here Come The Brides to explain why Sarek was on Earth in the 1800s..good one too. Met Mr Lenard in the 86 or 87 at a Trek Con in Atlanta…very nice guy. A real treat.


    • chrissy says:

      Haha! Funny you mention that book. If you’re thinking of the book Ishmael, it’s been on my gift list for ages and I just got a copy of it for my birthday last month. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but glad to hear your good review!


  6. Emily says:

    Aaaah. This one doesn’t work anymore for some reason! Could you fix it? This is my FAVORITE gaggle of episodes!

    • russ says:

      Ah, hah!! So, you’re the one! We had to disable that episode, because someone’s been downloading it hundreds of times, every day.
      I’ve restored it, so try again.

  7. Emily says:

    Julias turned into Julia, when, duh duh duuuhh!, Someone made a typo. And they decided to go with it!

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