DISCLAIMER: If you choose to listen to our podcasts from the very beginning, please be warned: our production qualities here are just terrible in comparison to our latest episodes. Please don’t be put off! We get better, we promise! 🙂

These episodes originally aired May 15 – 19, 1967.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Don’t let Barnabas Collins tell you any bedtime stories!
  • That phone call that keeps coming back to haunt Willie
  • How could you NOT hear those dogs howling?
  • Collinsport weather forecast: spooky with an almost certain chance of thunderstorms
  • The Average Joe (our Captain America)

Also in this episode, Are you…Groovin’? And…
Chrissy’s Dark Passages review.

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7 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #5: DS EPISODES 231-235

  1. James says:

    Love the episodes your doing. I just wanted to comment on something I found funny.

    When Willie comes in to the old house and Sam is painting (ep 233), he asks Sam about his daughter but never actually says her name. Sam yells at him two separate times to never say her name again even though Willie never says it once. 😀

    **James H.

    • chrissy says:

      Astute observation! I wonder if something got lost in the editing process, or if it was just written that way. Either would be believable.

      Oh, btw….happy to have you on board as a DS aficianado! 🙂

  2. Rick Roberts says:

    In this episode you are mentioned being shocked at the BBC banning songs for vague drug references…the 60s had a lot of bans..seems to be a hold over from McCarthyism of the 50s…did you how that even comic books couldn’t show or mention a vampire until the late 60s. All this from the congressional hearings of the mid 50s. In the USS the FCC held back some songs here for vague drug or sex references…those I forget which songs but do remember things about it around 66 or 67. You have to remember..youre coming from an era of where even Presley was only shown on tv from the waist up.

    I thought I remember stamps being 4 cents but could be wrong..I mailed a lot as a mid teen.

    Remembered all the shows mentioned and like Russ..a big Avengers fan. Even have a few pics I took with a camera off of the tv screen…I was in love with Diana Rigg (and they are still fun to watch)…along with Katheryn Leigh Scott…Alexandra Molkte….Julie Newmar..(Catwoman)..and probably several others I can’t recall at this time.

    Another fine show. Thanks guys.


    • russ says:

      I haven’t been able to find any evidence of the FCC “holding back” songs. The media has every right to decide not to play a song. Radio stations can do it. The Ed Sullivan Show can do it. The FCC can’t do it. That constitutes prior restraint, which is, of course, prohibited by the Constitution. For that reason, the FCC usually doesn’t get in the business of deciding what content is allowed.

      If you google “FCC banned songs”, you’ll find web pages claiming that the FCC has banned songs, most notably “Your Revolution”, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that in fact, the FCC simply fined radio stations for violations of decency. The decency clause allows the FCC to fine radio & tv stations when a licensee broadcasts indecent material during a time when minors are likely to be in the audience. Play “Your Revolution” at 3 a.m., and I’ll wager you’re not likely to hear a peep from the FCC. (In fact, the FCC later overturned themselves and ruled that playing “Your Revolution” did not qualify as an indecency violation, but the principle still holds.)

      TV stations can run porn videos at 3 a.m. and be in the clear from the FCC, but all of them appear to believe it’s not in their best business interests to do so. Of course, when their license comes up for renewal, the FCC could rule that they haven’t been operating “in the public interest,” and strip them of their license, but that’s another issue.

      I suppose it’s possible that in the 1960’s, the FCC did some bizarre things that they later regretted, but I haven’t been able to find any evidence of it.

    • russ says:

      Ahhhh, yessss….Catwoman…but it has to be Julie Newmar. Not Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt, or any of those other pretenders.

      Then there was Batgirl. I was in second grade when Batgirl first appeared. The first time I saw her in that costume, my eyes bugged out, and I was like, “Hey! Girls aren’t so bad!”

    • chrissy says:

      I don’t know much about the FCC, but you did put the 60’s back into perspective for me. Yes, even though the 60’s were the beginning of a much more “liberal” era, we do need to remember what we were being liberated from back then! The starting point was Ozzie and Harriet sleeping in twin beds, right? Anything more liberal than that would tend to be looked upon as subversive….but we still have a long way to go to get to where we are today! Your point about Elvis only being shown from the waist up…yeah, that just about sums it up.

      Oh, and one more thing: I was just a girl of eight or so, and at that age I doubt I had even the vaguest notion what “sexy” meant….until I saw Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Even as a girl, and even at the age of eight, that woman in that outfit was something I found absolutely fascinating. If she made an impression on me, it’s no wonder you guys are all going ga-ga just thinking about her!

  3. Rick Roberts says:

    Might not have been true as many things that were in the 60s and still are …printed in the newspapers are not true but it was reported that way in print then..remeber reading it as a mid teen….no internet then to do all the cross checks. Just a comment on the eye of the past that I was in at the time.


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