DISCLAIMER: If you choose to listen to our podcasts from the very beginning, please be warned: our production qualities here are just terrible in comparison to our latest episodes. Please don’t be put off! We get better, we promise! 🙂

These episodes originally aired May 8 – 12, 1967. In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Getting cozy in the bedroom with Maggie & Joe
  • Jason McGuire gets a job!
  • Rich Little, watch out! Willie Loomis is after your job
  • 1960’s “stuff”
  • The Sam Evans School of Drinking & Parenting

Also, try your luck at “Name That Tune!” and…
TV Party Tonight! (Hunh?)

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3 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #4: DS EPISODES 225/226-230

  1. James says:

    Another great show. Hearing Sam Evans tell his daughter that he “brought her up to know not to spill good drink” was almost as funny as hearing Russ joke about it on the show!

    Since I’m new to Dark Shadows I’m really enjoying having your show to listen to along with watching the episodes. I think your show really adds another dimension to the show for me and helps me be sure I don’t miss some subtle points I might otherwise not notice.


    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for your comment that what Sam said was “almost as funny” as hearing Russ joke about it. Sometimes he is not sure if people are “getting” his humor…but this proves (as I already know!) that they are. Thanks!


  2. Rick Roberts says:

    Listening to 4 finally.

    I got all the tv show tunes..most likely because I’m a few years older than you guys.

    Dissagree with Russ on Batman being about Robin having to be saved all the time. Even watched a few in the past year or so…seems Batman had to be saved by Robin quiet a lot also….I don’t remember it either way but this seems to be the case in the ones I’ve watched over again.

    Can’t believe Chrissy didn’t get Boone…the name was in the song.

    I agree with Russ that Maggie knows everything after being bitten once by Barnabas. she has an almost sexual fullfillment smurk on her face at many for the 14 year old I was at the time..that was worth watching the show for by itself…;-)

    Had to laugh at your jokes on Sam and booze toward the end of the show.

    Overall a good episode and fun to listen to for the most part.


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