DISCLAIMER: If you choose to listen to our podcasts from the very beginning, please be warned: our production qualities here are just terrible in comparison to our latest episodes. Please don’t be put off! We get better, we promise! 🙂

This episode of The Drawing Room examines the second week of Barnabas’ appearance in Collinsport (Monday, April 24 – Friday, April 28, 1967).

  • Why is Willie acting so strangely? And why is Jason so upset with him?
  • Will Elizabeth ever stand up to Jason?
  • Does Barnabas know any way to visit other than…”unexpectedly”?
  • Who is draining the blood from the local livestock? (Take a wild guess…)
  • What’s up with that music at the Blue Whale? And…
  • Elizabeth…what’s her story, anyway?
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3 Responses to THE DRAWING ROOM #2: DS EPISODES 215-219

  1. Rick Roberts says:

    Just wrote you guys a long letter on you ep 1 and the web site backtracked and lost it before it was posted….not going thru all of it again other to say I’m 58 and was there from the 1st episode. Good luck.

  2. Ned Stuart says:

    Chrissy – sorry but if you think the new movie is going to be all about romance you’re wrong. The 60s and 70s Dark Shadows pulls from the greatest gothic horror stories ever written. Yeah, there’s romance but there is also a load of classic horror in the show. So quit denying it. You LIKE horror Chrissy – just accept it instead of running away from it. Doesn’t mean you like buckets of gore though. Expect the new movie to be a mix of some romance and some horror.

    • chrissy says:

      Thanks for commenting! There’s definitely something in what you say. I think my issue is trying to discover exactly how to define “horror.” Yes, it’s true I like the classic gothic horror stories—Dracula, Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde, etc. And I DON’T like the “buckets of gore.” DS pulls from a lot of the classics to be sure! The mix of classic horror and romance is what makes it so good. I hope the movie will keep a good balance, not go overboard in one direction or the other.

      Hope you’re enjoying the podcast! I see you’ve listened to episode 2. Please keep listening….like any series, there are some rough edges in the first couple of episodes. We’re ironing out a lot of the “technical difficulties” and hopefully improving our content as well!

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