So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

Since we began The Drawing Room podcast, we’ve housed our shows on the website, which is provided by Russ’s Marvel Chronology Project. Our hosting service does not limit our storage space, and has no download limits. It doesn’t cost us anything, beyond what we are already paying to host the MCP.

It’s recently come to our attention that, while the hosting service doesn’t limit our activity in any way, included in our Terms of Service is the stipulation that we not host any large files intended for multiple downloads. This means that we have been in violation of our Terms of Service.

Our host has not contacted us about this violation, but we believe it’s only a matter of time before our success will lead to our downfall, and once it’s brought to their attention, they will immediately take down not just The Drawing Room, but also the Marvel Chronology Project, Whimsieville, The Marvelous Zone, and everything else. As much as we’ve enjoyed producing the podcast, we can’t risk sacrificing the health of our other sites. And besides, guys, it’s just not good karma to violate your TOS.

We have searched—unsuccessfully—for a podcast host that can meet our needs, without charging. While we’ve enjoyed the creative venture of producing a podcast, as long as we receive no income from it, we cannot justify spending money on it. Consequently, we have been forced to indefinitely suspend production and distribution of the podcast.

This is not to say there will never be another Drawing Room podcast. We continue to kick around ideas, and perhaps some day, we’ll return to this creative project. In the meantime, we want to thank all of you for your support through these three and a half years. We’ll keep the site up, and the Forum will always be available for discussion.

Chrissy & Russ

UPDATE 12/14/14 – Just want to thank all of you for the well wishes and great comments! Also want to let you know that since we are no longer doing the podcast, Russ and I have decided to undertake watching Dark Shadows “like normal people”—that is to say, starting tomorrow, we plan to watch one episode every Monday through Friday, the same way the audience back in the 1960’s got their Dark Shadows.

Along the way, we may have a comment or two, and if so, we’ll post something on the Forum. So we certainly hope that you all will keep your eye on the Forum as part of your Dark Shadows experience.

It’s been great doing the podcast. We learned a lot, and hope that someday we’ll be able to get back into podcasting. Thanks again for all your support!



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These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired April 29 – May 10, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Old McCollins had a dream, E I E I O….
  • “Is it really that important for you to learn everything about yourself?”
  • Overacting 101
  • Superfluous Lang
  • How much more story can we squeeze out of Lang?
  • Wicked Stepmother—Deluxe!
  • David’s B.S. Meter is in full operational mode
  • Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…
  • Where did Adam’s face come from?
  • The Dying Bride
  • Pleasant Memories of Live at the Old House
  • A challenging time for Barnabas
  • Knock, knock! Crazy-Gram!
  • Angelique’s unnecessary risks and damage control
  • Dream a little dream…or not
  • Dead body breathing, off tape-recorder recording, closed doors slamming
  • Buckets o’ dry ice!
  • Oops! Unintended results


  • Dopey Horses

david2The advent of the Nehru jacket…

skirt2…and the return of the “World’s Fair Skirt”

kiss4“Like I don’t have enough mother issues ALREADY!!”


skull3Skull on a Stick!

lamp1Dramatic Lighting

bogart4“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid…”

labmirror1Here’s looking at you, Barnabas…

williecrazyAnd here’s lookin’ at you, Willie. Glad to have you back, you crazy ol’ son of a gun!

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These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired April 15 – April 26, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Is it all too much?
  • Lang, the multi-tasking mad scientist
  • Kindness, sweetness and gentleness of spirit (rolls eyes::)
  • Call Me Irresponsible…
  • Stupidly glossing over
  • Vicki is almost happy
  • The Easy Outs: Selective Recognition and Mass Hallucination
  • Itchy Fingers comes to town…then nothing…
  • Maggie’s crazy new roommate
  • The Victoria Winters Roommate Matching Service…not!!
  • Russ’s Time Travel Rubber Band Theory
  • Angelique is not like everyone else
  • The Collins are inbred…but in a good way
  • Lang’s elaborate laboratory
  • An ugly scene with cue cards, a gun, and a telephone


  • Are the Beatles not live because Paul is dead?
  • Brady bunch beginnings?

aamarriedThe happy couple…

aainlaw3…and the unhappy sister-in-law

lab2Mah WAH HA HA HA HA!!!!

aadc3Dream Curse…Commence!!!

aaportrait1“I know you think you know who I am, but I don’t know if you know that who I think you are is who you really are.”

aascreamSomething to scream about

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These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired April 1 – April 12, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Back to the future
  • What about David?
  • Barnabas and Julia mend fences
  • The lovers’ inconvenience of being born in different centuries
  • Lang begins with a bang
  • Hoffman, Lang, Van Helsing—which was it supposed to be?
  • The Anti-Vampire Treatment hospital release form?
  • 15 minutes could save you from an eternity of vampirism!
  • The old man gets all the young chicks
  • Marry her or kill her? Decisions, decisions…
  • How are Stoddard & Peterson like Hepburn & Grant?
  • The strange and haunting journey…
  • Bradford/Clark Mystery Theater
  • We’re overdue for a criminally insane murderer


  • Martin Luther King Jr. goes to the mountaintop
  • George Hamilton is a survivor
  • On the Cutting Room Floor

51carNight Drive to Destiny

51drsDueling Doctors

51barnabasreflection“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid…”


51dontunderstand“I don’t UNDERSTAND!!”

51smugjuliaOh my, how the dynamic has changed!

51armDr. Lang’s new show on the DIY Network

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These episodes of Dark Shadows originally aired March 25 – 29, 1968.

In this installment of The Drawing Room:

  • Time is running out
  • Once upon a time, there were three little foreshadows…
  • The crossbow, the bare hands, and an unlikely promise
  • History, the Way You Like It
  • 1796 Scorecard: who’s dead, who’s crazy, who’s incarcerated?
  • The hinges of character development
  • Apart from being a vampire, how did he change?
  • First, learn your ABC’s…then I’ll kill you!
  • Barnabas, the engine of destruction
  • Obsessive love + supernatural power + being a sociopath = the delightful disaster!
  • The Time Travel solution to grief
  • Shattered glasses, collapsed lives, and the broken back of the camel
  • But he’s a GOOD dastardly villain!
  • The silver cross, the chains, and the unlikely peace


  • History for a song
  • Cookie Monster pays us a visit

couple1Too little, too late

aahands“I’ll kill ya with my bare hands!”

cell3“I’ll find you.”

poison1Tough times for strong women

fearNot so suave anymore, eh?

barn1The bleary-eyed vampire

vickiMistress of Death?

gallows8The end of the beginning…

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